8 Reasons All-Star Program Students Say the Program Is Worth the Investment

8 Reasons All-Star Program Students Say the Program Is Worth the Investment
April 21, 2020

Why is the All-Star Program worth the investment? For some attendees, it's learning how to sell a brand new product line. For others, it's having a mentor in your back product. And for some, it's being able to work with peers through roleplaying exercises and candid discussions. Here are eight reasons All-Star Program students say the program is worth the investment.

New to the All-Star Program? Learn who it's for, how it works, and the investment involved: What Is the All-Star Program?

1. I Beefed Up My Cancer Insurance Presentation

headshot-asp-rect-hunterI’ve considered myself pretty good at selling cancer products. I know the All-Star Program goes over all sorts of different things – from Med Supps to Advantage plans to Cancer products to Part D – and I thought my cancer spiel was pretty darn good. I’m pretty proud of it.

I felt that when I got to the cancer section – well, let’s potentially skip this one. But I went through the section, and I acquired at least three different things that I really feel beefed up my cancer pitch a lot. It took it to another level on top of what I was already doing.

It gave me some really good rebuttals that I’ve had struggles with in the past. I was very shocked that that happened.

–Hunter Atwood, 4 years of senior market insurance experience

I’ve presented cancer in the past, because I know there’s a need, and I’ve seen it in my own family. But I was doing it wrong!

A lot of times, I would ask how much benefit they’d be interested in, or I’d present one amount and say ‘what do you think?’ They’d say they’d think about it, and it never blossomed into anything. After watching your videos, I don’t know how this system can’t work.

-Sherri D., existing senior market agent looking to grow her sales

2. I Could Ask "Stupid" Questions

headshot-asp-rect-kendallI liked the open conversation of the All-Star Program the most. It wasn’t just like, "OK here’s the material. Learn this, and then we’ll have a lesson."

I appreciated the fact that we can have open conversations, and so many of us in the class – I know this might be specific to our class – but we were just getting started, so it was nice to be able to just have those candid discussions.

To ask “stupid” questions that you aren’t necessarily asking everyone, because you don’t know how to start. Being able to lay that groundwork and say, "OK, here’s all the information. If you have any questions, no matter how dumb or how crazy they may be, you can ask them here." I felt comfortable.

–Kendall Chanley, joined her father’s senior insurance agency and is new to the business

3. I Have a Mentor On Call

headshot-asp-rect-judy (1)Michael Sams has been incredibly approachable. We text on a regular basis. If I have a question I need to ask, he’s super great about texting back in a timely fashion.

He wants to help agents be the best they can be. He comes with a lot of experience, and he has a willingness to share that to make agents better at what they’re doing on a daily basis.

–Judy Garrison, new to senior market insurance sales

☆ ☆ ☆

headshot-asp-rect-tylerI enjoyed how accessible Michael was. If there were ever any questions or concerns or something weren't making any sense, he was always there. That was even outside of our weekly class meeting. He was always available.

Knowing I could be out in the field making calls and coming across a situation I might not know the answer to – just having him available gives a confidence to me.

–Tyler Petersen, new independent insurance agent

☆ ☆ ☆

headshot-asp-rect-hunterMichael is super passionate about the course, as you can tell. He’s the teacher of the whole thing. I really like the way that we roleplay and ask him questions, and if you need anything, you can text him, call him, call Kirk up there, call anybody at New Horizons.

It’s just really cool having that on your side. This course is just kind of packing all that together. I definitely do not regret whatsoever spending my money on it.

–Hunter Atwood, 4 years of senior market insurance experience

4. I Stopped Leaving Sales On the Table

headshot-asp-rect-donutMainly what we do is P&C, commercial lines, and a little bit of health. Before the program, we really didn’t get into any Medicare, long-term care, or other senior insurance products that the VIP Bootcamp is directed towards.

We felt like we were leaving money on the table with our clients because we weren’t comfortable going after that business. If you don’t really know what you’re selling, you don’t want to sell it.

I’ve been in insurance for 3 years now, and I don’t know how much money I’ve left on the table. I wasn’t comfortable with talking about it, but there’s a lot of clients who took their business elsewhere, and I missed out on that chance. 

Without guidance on how to approach people, what the coverage is, and the different parts of selling the product, I don’t think we could’ve done this on our own. 

-Josh “Donut” Mahon, P&C agent looking to get into senior market insurance

5. I Connected With My Classmates

headshot-asp-rect-tylerOne thing that surprised me was just the amount of conversation we had as classmates throughout the weekly meetings. It was fun to hear from people in all different areas of the country doing the same thing.

Some were experienced, some were new like myself, but I was able to learn from other people as well.

–Tyler Petersen, new independent insurance agent

☆ ☆ ☆

headshot-asp-rect-kendallForming that relationship with everyone – I would feel comfortable now asking each and every one of the people in my class how they’re doing things. I didn’t necessarily expect that. I expected it to be more of a formal class.

If I had a question, I feel I could ask every one of those people in my class their opinion on it and get a valid answer. It's the relationship-building part of it – now you have a group of other agents in your same position that you can ask how they’re doing things and how they’re moving forward.

–Kendall Chanley, joined her father’s senior insurance agency and is new to the business

6. I Was Forced to Roleplay Presentations

headshot-asp-rect-kendallI think the program is really good in the aspect of how candid we could all be. I really appreciated that. And the fact that we all got on the phone and were forced to actually do the roleplaying.

I don’t typically like that, because it puts you on the spot, right? And I don’t think anyone does, but it does make you practice, because after you hear yourself do it, you’re like, "I really need to practice!" I really enjoyed that aspect to it.

It wasn’t just material. It was actually, "OK, how can we implement this?"

–Kendall Chanley, joined her father’s senior insurance agency and is new to the business

☆ ☆ ☆

headshot-asp-rect-judy (1)One thing I really liked is being able to work with other peers. The roleplaying has been super helpful and also just having people that have more experience versus people that maybe don’t have as much experience as me. It’s really nice to ask peers questions.

Also, having that group you meet with on a weekly basis – you just get to hear how people answer questions and you get to learn from everyone.

–Judy Garrison, new to senior market insurance sales

7. I Got a Jumpstart

headshot-asp-rect-tylerI learned most of what I know now from the program. My background is real estate, so I didn't know a ton about insurance.

After going through this program, I just have a much greater understanding of the different products, how they meet the needs of the customer, and how to efficiently and effectively present them.

It was everything I thought it would be and then some. 

–Tyler Petersen, new independent insurance agent

8. I'm Making Back My Investment

headshot-asp-rect-donutI made my first couple sales with about a week left in the Bootcamp. I sold a Medicare Supplement, a cancer plan, a Part D, and two annuities. The commission from those sales have already easily paid for the Bootcamp itself.

-Josh “Donut” Mahon, P&C agent looking to get into senior market insurance

☆ ☆ ☆

headshot-asp-rect-hunterI wondered if the program was worth my money, you know. Obviously, there’s a price to show people this information, and that was definitely a decent hesitation. This year, I’ve been buying a lot of different courses and going through different people’s information.

Out of all the courses I’ve bought, I’ve really, really enjoyed this one. There was definitely enough information in there to make it worth what I paid in, so I’m really happy I did.

–Hunter Atwood, 4 years of senior market insurance experience

Apply for the All-Star Program

The All-Star Program is designed to help you meet the needs of your clients. When your clients are cared for, and you're increasing your production, everyone wins.

Whether you're brand new or have been selling insurance for decades, the All-Star Program is a fantastic way to help you reach your goals. As they say, you can't keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.

For those concerned about the investment, we expect you to pay for the course in increased commissions before it's over. This is particularly true for those with existing client bases. We are also offering a 3-week trial where you can test out the program to make sure it's a good fit you and your business. No payment or commitment is required.

The All-Star Program fee is also tax deductible – grab our Ultimate Tax Deductions Checklist for a list of agent deductions.

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