August 22, 2017

Here’s what we know: 93% of people say that life insurance is needed.

People know they need it, and sometimes, your clients will approach you about it before you even give your pitch.

But what happens if your client seems to be uninsurable?

That can make for a really difficult conversation, and it can be one of the most disheartening things to deal with as an agent.

We’re excited about this Guaranteed Issue Whole Life insurance option that’s a great fit for clients that may have trouble passing underwriting.

The bonus? The entire process is online. No paper for anything.


There is none!

As long as your client is between the ages of 50 and 85, he or she will not be turned down. Health is not a factor with this GIWL policy.


Here is a chart with some sample rates. As you can see, this policy is very budget-friendly, and there are no rate increases with this type of a policy.


You can get the full rate card on our AIG life insurance page.


A Chronic Illness rider is built into the policy at no extra charge. This allows you to access a portion of the policy benefits early.

A Terminal Illness rider is also built into the policy at no cost. This allows you to accelerate 50% of the death benefit if you become terminally ill.

In both cases, the benefit can be used for anything – medical expenses, lost income, or anything else. Whatever is leftover will be paid to the beneficiary at death.

Death Benefit

Premiums are guaranteed to never increase, and the death benefit will never decrease. The coverage on this final expense plan is guaranteed.

This chart shows how the death benefit will be paid depending on the type of death and when it occurs:

Type of Death Accidental Death Non-accidental Death Non-accidental Death
Time of Death Any Time First 2 Years After First 2 Years
Death Benefit Paid Full Death Benefit Paid 110% of Premiums Paid Full Death Benefit Paid


As promised, the application process is all online via the AIG ePlatform. In order to access that, you need to be contracted with AIG, you need to locate your agent number, and you need to enroll in the AIG ePlatform.

To locate your agent number, you can call the AIG sales desk at 1-800-677-3311.

If you need help getting contracted or enrolling in the ePlatform, let me know! I’m here to make life insurance easy. Give me a call at 217-233-8000, or email me at ksarff@nhmteam.net.

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