April 7, 2016


We're going to talk about Mutual of Omaha, and when we talk about Mutual of Omaha, there's a wide swing of extremes.

We have some agents who absolutely love them and have been with them for a long, long time. They have huge books of business with them, and just think that they're great.

And we have the complete other side, with agents who for whatever reason, feel like they've had a bad experience with Mutual of Omaha. Along the way they kind of dropped off, dropped out of sight with that carrier.

What we're asking today is that you take a new look at Mutual of Omaha. As we step back and take a really good look at this carrier, first of all they are a huge player in the senior space, and we feel like they may be the best-kept “big secret” out there in the Med Supp world.

As far as product - they have lots of product! They have some really unique production and persistency bonuses, and marketing allowance bonuses that I'm sure most of you don't have any clue about. The have great incentives and technology, and they're really a significant player.

Over the next few weeks we’ll do a series of videos, and highlight Mutual of Omaha product by product, and walk through it together, and I think you're really going to like what you see.

And one other important thing. You might say “well I've had a Mutual of Omaha contract for years “. Okay great! If you haven't written any business with Mutual of Omaha in the last 12 months - which that would be a lot of you - we'd love to have you! In other words you can start to work with us without having to get a release from your existing hierarchy, which is sometimes hard to do, or awkward at best.

So with all that said, take a fresh look at them, and be on the lookout for our rollout on Mutual of Omaha and all the great things they have to offer.

Good selling!


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