A State of the Union on 2019 Medicare Supplement Companies

As we start the Triple Crown and have just finished with the 2019 Kentucky Derby, I find it interesting to see how the field force prefers our Stable of Medicare Supplement Companies.

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I am reminded of the top trainers that have multiple horses in the derby or prospects as they enter the age of racing.


Photo published on America's Best Racing, photo credit Eclipse Sportswire

We went into the year feeling like the stud horse Americo and its twin Great Southern Life would be our favorites to go the distance, and we are right so far.  They are receiving the majority of our overall business, and it looks like it is on pace for an $8 million dollar run.

Read more about Americo and Great Southern Life:

Get Contracted With Americo

Another Stud is Lumico, and it is a crowd favorite! It's not too far back and could make a move with a run on the outside. Many of our agents just find them very easy to get their business issued.  

Even though CSI Life has a little age on it, they keep finding a way to run and keep pace with the new, young ones. Both Mutual of Omaha and Aetna are great, solid Champions and will find a path to make it to the winner's circle.  

Right there – stride for stride – is Cigna and Medico, and I am always looking at them and am thankful we have them on our team. We have Prosperity, Liberty Bankers Life, Everest and WULA that make our field of companies some of the best leaders in the country.  

I think back a few years ago at the marketplace and there were very few in the race.
Today, you have great companies that are wanting market share, and with all that being said, the consumer is getting great prices for great protection with their Medicare Supplement plans.  
Thank you in advance for not ripping on me too hard for trying to tie the horse racing business into our business, but my point is simply this: at New Horizons Marketing, we have a plethora of companies that make it easy to do business with us.
We hope you give us a shot and we all make it to the finish line a WINNER!

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