A Tribute to Tony Mravle, Former CEO of KSKJ Life

January 23, 2018

On January 17, 2018, KSKJ Life announced the appointment of new CEO Tony Mravle Jr.

After learning of the retirement plans of CEO Tony Mravle Sr, I am reminded of the first time we met.

Our introduction was in Atlanta, and this little fraternal company named KSKJ was being ushered into the Medicare Supplement market. The introduction and roll out was similar as other carriers until we had a question pop up from someone about the addendum to the application.

I had not gotten that far, so I had not seen it, but the question read “Are you a baptized Christian?”

Without hesitation, Tony told the story of when he was a very young boy. His father and uncles were taken from the home and executed in the street for being Catholic. From that point on, Tony had me.

He went on to say that he respected anyone’s choice to believe what they want to, but if they want their insurance with KSKJ and that question bothers them – well, that’s just tough. Those are my words and memory of our meeting in Atlanta.

We went on to work with Tony and his great team of people in the home office, and I always believed our consumers were in great hands with Tony’s leadership.

I wish Tony and his family the very best for this next phase of life, and I can assure you he is one of those leaders that we need more of in this business. He is one of the good guys you would love having as a friend.

In case you missed it, here is KSKJ’s original press release:

KSKJ Life announced today [January 17, 2018] that following a very successful 45 year career, seventeen as CEO, Anthony T. Mravle has retired as CEO effective January 1, 2018. The society also announced that Tony Mravle Jr, Chief Information Officer, was selected by the board of directors to assume the role of CEO. Mravle Jr has played a key role over the past five years in guiding the society’s technology innovation, branding and marketing development, talent acquisition and growth, and expansion of fraternal support and member benefits. Mravle Jr holds a MA in Organizational Leadership, BA in Mathematics, the FLMI (Fellow, Life Management Institute) designation, and the PHR (Professional, Human Resources) certification.

“Tony’s appointment and this transition are exciting milestones in the history of KSKJ Life,” says Rudolph Krasovec Jr, Chair of KSKJ Life’s board of directors. “Tony’s people-focused leadership style, strategic focus, and fraternal spirit will build on the success that our society has achieved. Tony Jr has demonstrated effective executive leadership at KSKJ Life and is focused on helping KSKJ Life continue to grow and achieve its long-term financial and fraternal strategic goals.”

To ensure a smooth transition, Tony Mravle Sr will continue to support the society as the Investment Manager and executive advisor, reporting directly to the Board. Other key staff will continue in their roles, including Stuart Buchanan, Chief Operations Officer; Paul Kaiser, Director, Agent Sales; Kathy Lovati, Manager, Agent Sales; Brian Sharp, VP Enterprise Information Solutions.

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