February 26, 2019

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"If you're selling face-to-face with your clients, this is a company you have to get," says Russell Meskimen.

Russell is an independent agent in the senior market, and he's currently a top Med Sup producer for Americo.

In just about 5 months, Russell has sold over $240,000 in Americo Medicare Supplement premium. That has easily qualified him for an extra 8% bonus as well as a $5,000 bonus for being in the No. 1 spot.

"If you do the math on that... it's hard to pass that up," he explains. "I'm right around a $21,000 bonus right now."

As a quick side note, Americo is coming out with new paper in 2019. They've recently announced great new rates through one of their subsidiary companies, Great Southern Life (GSL). Depending on when you're reading this, the name may be one or the other, but we're referring to the same Medicare Supplement carrier. (If you're currently contracted with Americo, no new contracting is required for GSL.)

As we all know, there are a ton of options in this market, but Americo stands out in a ton of big ways. 


#1: Instant Underwriting Decision & Application

The Americo application has an instant underwriting decision. Russell does face-to-face sales, and this allows him to have an answer while he's still in the house.

"I don't like to write a policy, wait 2-4 days, and then have underwriting call my clients and ask them questions," he says.

Because you can get a decision in the house, you can get their other policy cancelled, and you don't have to worry about them returning a phone call through the underwriter. Everything is done while you're right there with your client.

"When I drive home after a long day, I know the 7 or 8 policies I wrote are approved and their other company is also cancelled. I know I'm getting paid on it. It's done," he explains.

It's a huge relief when you don't have to wait, give a follow up call, hope your client didn't get mad that the underwriter didn't call yet, or even worse, perhaps the underwriter asked a question they didn't particularly like.

For Russell, it all comes back to knowing that when he leaves the client's house, it's done.

Russell's eApp process is using his iPad. His clients can sign right on the touch screen. "I like to do it that way, but you can also do a paper app – just get the signatures, fax it in, and they do it the same way. The paper app is still an instant decision, so you'll know within 2 days whether or not the client is approved," he explains.

Also, depending on where you are, you might not be able to get great service. In those situations, the paper app will work in a pinch.

Russell explains: "I have a Verizon phone and an AT&T phone, but there are some rural areas where I can't get cell service with either one. I just have them sign the paper app, fax it in, and I'll know in a couple days."

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#2: No Medications Required On the Application

There are a few other companies that have an instant decision application, but for Russell, Americo stands out because no medications are required.

Not having to enter a medication list saves a ton of time, especially since some clients take a dozen or more medications, or even worse, sometimes they can't remember what meds they take.

"It's a really easy eApp with an instant underwriting decision, and with the bonus, I just can't pass that up," he says.

#3: Pay By Check When You Deliver the Policy

Americo is one of the only companies where if the client wants to pay by check, you can still get a decision in the house and they don't have to send off a check at that time.

"I can get them approved, Americo will send me a policy, and when I deliver the policy, I can get a check from the client, which is really big," he explains.

You want to do that right after you're done getting the approval and before they send the policy out. You don't have to make that call in front of the client, by the way.

#4: No Payment Required Until Effective Date

If you write someone in mid-February and set up a March 1 effective date, you can put on the eApp that you don't want them charged their first month's premium until March 1.

"A lot of clients don't like to be charged if they were just charged for their other premium on February 1," Russell explains. "When they get charged again two weeks later, they don't like it."

That's why the delayed payment is such a great service for your clients.

Additionally, Russell says that for those newer agents who need an advance, Americo advances you before they even get the money from the client, which is a great service for you, the agent.

Great service for everyone!

#5: Incredible Bonus Structure

"It all comes back to that bonus for me," says Russell. "Anyone who knows me knows I'm a guy who loves trips, but if I can get over $20,000 in 6 months, I can go anywhere I want."

Not all trips allow you to take your whole family with you, so this Medicare Supplement bonus is a nice alternative.

The bonus structure is an extra 4% if you write between $15,000-$29,999 in annualized premium. You get an extra 8% if you write $30,000+. In conjunction with the Great Southern Life release, the bonus is increasing to 5 and 10%, respectively.

There's also a Top 5 Bonus on top of that, with first place being a $5,000 bonus, fourth place being a $4,000 bonus, and so on until first place, which is a $1,000 bonus.

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#6: Great Relationship

New Horizons has a really great relationship with Americo, so if we have any problems, we're able to get them fixed.

It's nice to have that solid relationship with Americo that you don't get with some of the "larger" companies.

"It's definitely a company you need to have under your belt. It's my go-to company right now. I plan on writing $500,000 with them this year. The No. 1 spot is already spoken for, but you're welcome to the 2, 3, 4, or 5 spot," he laughs.

Not contracted with Americo yet? What the heck are you waiting for?

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 *For agent use only. Not for public use. 19-052-1-AGT (02/19)*

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