August 21, 2019

I am very excited to announce a brand new player in the Medicare space called Capitol Life!

They are a sister company to Liberty Bankers Life, and we have had the pleasure of getting to know them over the past 9 years. The leadership of this great organization includes an old friend, Marty Martin, who I’ve known for more than 20 years as well as the President and CEO, Brad Phillips.

This may sound like a family reunion, and it is to a degree, but it’s important to me to do business with people you trust, like, and have confidence in. This organization already has a great portfolio of annuities and final expense, and they want to be a leader in the Medicare Supplement space.

Starting October 1, Capitol Life can be written with a January 1, 2020 effective date. They have a new, innovative way of issuing business that will be underwritten while your in the appointment with your prospect.

They will have 3 lights, if you will – red light will be a NO, yellow light will be a short phone interview for clarification, and the green light will be issued.

And of course, the premiums are going to be some of the best in the market.

We at New Horizons are fully behind this relationship and believe that when you look at the company as a whole and offer it your policyholders., it will position you as a leader in this market.

All-in-all, the premiums for F, G, and N are very attractive, the underwriting is easy, and we can’t forget to mention the marketing trips!

I have been to Spain with them, last year they were in Hawaii, and this next one is a Norway Cruise. This is a relationship you want to make sure you’re apart of, and I promise you will be so glad you jumped on to do business with Capital Life.

Please contact our office at 888-780-7676 and ask for John and I if you have any questions or just ask for Ginny and get your contracted started today.

*CAP-NHANE-0819; For Agent Use Only*

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