Foresters Non-Medical Products: Part 1 of 4 - Your Legacy

November 10, 2016

Single Premium Non-Medical Participating Whole Life

Foresters Your Legacy Single Premium Whole Life Insurance is a non-medical participating whole life product which provides lifetime death benefit protection, guaranteed cash values, and potential dividends.

Two scenarios to look for to introduce Your Legacy

  1. Client has money in savings set aside for their final expenses.
  2. Client has cash value in a policy and they would like to eliminate paying premiums.

Example Case:

  • Client: Age 65 Female
  • Single Premium: $10,000
  • Death Benefit: $17,851 (year 1) Grows to $21,543 (year 20) with over $16,000 in cash value
  • Commission: $1,350 to $1,450*

*With most annuities the same $10,000 your commission would be approximately $250.

Download the Your Legacy e-Kit

Please contact us for contracting and additional information.

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