November 17, 2015

We are experiencing a spike in final expense sales at New Horizons. Clients are interested in not leaving a financial burden on their family to pay for their funeral.

Foresters PlanRight Whole Life Insurance is a permanent, whole life product which provides a guaranteed, level premium and makes use of a simplified application and underwriting process.

PlanRight is designed to help cover final expenses such as the costs associated with funeral and burial expenses, probate fees, or other financial obligations that an Applicant’s family may face in the event of death.

You call right from the home and have approval before you leave.

It’s great for your client and for you. Quick turnaround on policy being issued and commissions paid.

Sample Rates:

$10,000 Policy, non-tobacco

  Female Male
65 $41.90 $52.72
70 $52.29 $69.58
75 $72.31 $96.88

Download the PlanRight e-Kit

Please contact us for contracting and additional information.

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