March 9, 2015

My entire career in selling has been spent trying to figure out how to make things easy and simple for my clients, while at the same time, attempting to look "smart and intelligent" in the process. Stop and be honest, aren't we all in that same situation?

Big Commissions

Do you realize what an opportunity we have before us right now? It is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing! I am aiming this article directly at those agents, along with others, who picture themselves as “investment gurus” and “estate planners" and far be it from them to lower themselves to sell Medicare Supplements and Final Expense policies.

I can say this because I was one of those arrogant agents. For over 30 years I ran around looking for people with money, people with money, people with money - always looking for people with money to invest! All the while, I was walking right by thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions.

Do you realize that through New Horizons you have access to CSI and CSI Life Med Supps (both are Berkshire Hathaway companies, one of the most admired and respected brands worldwide), and KSKJ Final Expense contracting? In Indiana last year, CSI was our best seller by about 2 1/2 times more than our #2 company. In Illinois, CSI has the absolute lowest rates for age 70 and older, for Plans F and G, and an innovative comp schedule that makes CSI Life richer than most. Also, KSKJ Life has the hands-down lowest premium of any Final Expense product we are aware of at present.

Try this

Try selling a nice, simple little package sale of a Med Supp policy with a $10,000 Final Expense policy “tacked on”. Hmm… now let's look at the commission:

Example: Female age 70, non-tobacco

CSI Med Supp, Plan F: Commission $275
KSKJ $10,000 Final Expense: Commission $530
Total Monthly Premium: $167 ($123 + $44)
Total Commission: $805

I am going to take at least two weeks off this year so I will do one of these packages per week for 50 weeks. Oh my gosh, I just made an extra $40,000! $805 x 50 weeks = $40,250.

Now I am not suggesting you big-time producers stop looking for money to invest or stop selling big life policies for estate cases, but I am suggesting you get a little excited and put a little fun back in your business.

Jump on this simple little train… it is leaving the station!

Oh and by the way, don't tell anyone when you're depositing your $40,000 in the bank. You might be embarrassed!

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