I Pledge Allegiance to Americo: Results From the Americo 30-Day Contest

September 18, 2018

Recently, we at New Horizons Marketing kicked off a new relationship with Americo.

We had a 30-day contest to welcome Americo production. With their new immediate issue e-app, fantastic rates, and cash incentives in place, we were confident and hopeful that we would have good results.

We were so wrong.

We had outstanding results.  

In today’s world, most marketing companies will not put their producer’s names in their releases, because the other marketing companies target these folks, they try to steal their business, and you probably get the rest of the picture. But it is my job to try and make sure all agents know we appreciate and respect the hard work they do for their families and our company.

As a part of that effort, I want to tell you about our top performers with Americo, Brittany Caviness and Parker R. Meskimen.

Over 33 years ago, my mentor, Jack Barton told me that if I wanted to be remembered in this business, I needed to look at the numbers behind my name. That has never left me, and now, these great agents are living the results of what Jack Barton shared with me all those years ago.

Brittany Caviness had a great start and a bonus of over $2,900. She was second in the first 3 weeks and overcame a few hurdles with the new e-app that she helped the company iron out. I very much appreciate her attitude and her willingness to give the system a chance to be fixed and work better for all of us.

Brittany is a sales leader with whichever company she feels is right for her clients, and we are just so happy she is giving us a chance to earn her business.  

Parker R. Meskimen (Russ) was our sales leader and blew his Americo production out of the water with a bonus of over $4,000.  He wrote 33 applications and was well over $50,000 in new production. Russ is a top Medicare Supplement producer and he even brought on an associate who he was training at the same time as this contest.

The contest period was supposed to be the entire month of August, but we lost the first week as the new e-app was not quite ready, so their combined production of more than $87,000 was done in only 3 weeks.

I deeply appreciate the teamwork and willingness to succeed that these top 2 producers have shown New Horizons. We hope to earn their business for a long time, but most of all, we want say THANK YOU!

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