Marketing Materials for the 2022 Lasso Healthcare MSA

October 5, 2021

Interested in marketing the Lasso Healthcare MSA for 2022? You've come to the right place!

There are digital and print ads, flyers, emails, billboards, and more to help you advertise and promote the Lasso Healthcare MSA to your clients. These marketing materials are all CMS-approved.

Originally published October 30, 2018. Updated March 4, 2019 with new marketing assets. Updated October 1, 2019 with all new Lasso Healthcare 2020 marketing materials. Updated October 2, 2020 with all of the 2021 marketing materials. Updated October 5, 2021 with all of the 2022 marketing materials.

If you’re brand new to the concept of the Lasso Healthcare MSA, you can learn all of the details by reading What Is the New Lasso Medical Savings Account (MSA)?

Here's a quick look at the two plan options for 2022 enrollment:

lasso healthcare 2022 plan designs

*As enrollment is generally for a full calendar year, the plan deposit and deductible amounts shown are full year amounts. Both the deposit and deductible amounts are prorated monthly for any enrollment or disenrollment happening within the year; the proration amount for the Growth MSA is $166.67 per month and $250 per month for the Growth Plus MSA. If you leave the plan before the end of the calendar year, you will owe a prorated portion of the current year’s deposit amount back to Lasso Healthcare.

As a contracted agent, you have access to lead-generating materials as well as materials you can use with existing clients.

We'll also cover an important note about marketing compliance.

Get the 2022 Lasso Marketing Kit

Lasso Healthcare MSA Digital Ads

If you're digitally savvy, Lasso Healthcare has provided several digital ads in a variety of sizes.

Here's a sample:


Lasso Healthcare MSA Print Ads

Lasso Healthcare has provided us with a wide variety of print advertisements. These ads can be used in newspapers, magazines, and more.

The print ad documents feature multiple ads with the same messaging, but with different images. The contact fields are customizable with your own information.

All ads contain basic information about the Lasso Healthcare MSA, such as the $2,000 or $3,000 deposit, the $0 premium, no networks, and more.

lasso 2022 print ad example

If you decide to do one of these ads in a newspaper, the cost is going to depend heavily on where you live and how popular the newspaper is. Even in the same city, two different papers can have tremendously different costs.

The way newspapers ads work is that you’ll likely pay for your ad to run over a number of weeks. For example, you might pay for your ad to have a 7 or 14-week run. The longer you book, the cheaper it is in the long run (generally, and yes – pun intended!).

As an example, one of the less expensive newspapers here in Decatur charges $336 for a half-page ad and $672 for a full-page ad. However, they offer a discount with a 13-week contract. 

Newspapers might not be as popular as they used to be, but they’re still a particularly great way to reach the senior population. Get in touch with your local papers to get an idea of what the investment might look like for you.

You can always ask if there’s a “trial run” where you can run your ad for a couple of weeks to test the waters. However, keep in mind that the more an individual is exposed to an ad, the more likely they are to take action. It’s fairly uncommon for someone to take action the very first time they see an advertisement.

We don't have any firsthand experience running ads in magazines, so if you do, please share in the comment section at the end of the article!

Lasso Healthcare MSA Business Reply Card

Want to leave a professional impression? The Lasso Healthcare MSA business reply card is a beautiful way to educate potential clients.

H1924_2022BRC_M FILLABLE_Page_9

This business reply card features the two new plan options for 2022 – the lower risk option and the higher reward option.

The document contains information for the printer as well as the print-ready files. If you want to send this business reply card, you will need to work with a professional printer.

We've worked with a company called LeadConcepts in the past, and we asked them for a quote for this particular piece. They would handle the entire mailing process from start to finish for you.

Their fees include:

  • Printing
  • List acquisition
  • Postage outgoing and incoming
  • Perforate, Fold, Trim
  • Address
  • Tab closure
  • Postal delivery
  • Scan and email lead returns

Lasso Healthcare MSA Postcards

For agents that are accustomed to sending promotional materials via postal mail, these postcards are going to be a turn-key solution for you. There are several designs to choose from, all with the same messaging.

The postcards provided by Lasso include the basics of what the MSA is as well as the main benefits of having it.

lasso 2022 postcard example

If you aren’t sure how to send these mailers (or who to send them to), we work with a company called LeadConcepts.

Steve Weir at LeadConcepts has told us that in years past, there were several orders out targeting ages 65-74 years old with household incomes between $30,000 and $100,000 annually.

Their fees include print, list, address, postage, and mail.

Lasso MSA Radio Ad Scripts

There are seven radio ad scripts available for the 2022 Lasso Healthcare MSA plans.

Here's a sample:

"Have you enjoyed your HSA plan, but now find yourself looking for something similar in Medicare Advantage? Try the MSA - a Medicare medical savings account! The Lasso Healthcare MSA gives you an annual deposit of money toward your health care. You decide how to spend, save or invest the funds. For 2022 plans, you can choose either a $2000 or $3000 deposit! No network and no monthly premium.

[Agent/agency can include statement(s) on how to contact/schedule.] Manage your health your way with the 2022 Lasso Healthcare MSA. Lasso Healthcare is an MSA plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Lasso Healthcare depends on contract renewal."

If you’re interested in trying these out, get in touch with a few local radio stations. They will guide you by explaining how much it costs for which time slots, and they’ll also help you get a voiceover for the scripts.

Lasso 2022 Client Leave Behind Flyer

Client leave-behinds and flyers can come in handy if you’ve talked about the Lasso Healthcare MSA product, but the individual isn’t ready to commit yet.

The 2022 Client Leave Behind is very consumer-friendly as it explains why the MSA is so beneficial to the senior consumer. There are also a variety of options, all with the same messaging but different images.

lasso healthcare msa 2022 marketing peices

Adding your own contact information is very simple, but if you need help, reach out to us!

Lasso Healthcare MSA Billboards

While we are firmly in the digital age, traditional billboards are arguably just as effective today as they used to be.

A 2017 Nielsen study showed that 40% of people surveyed said they visited an advertiser because of their billboard. (Four thousand people were surveyed.) Twenty-four percent said they made a purchase due to the billboard.

Billboards can also be a great supplement to other advertising you might be doing. Mistie Carter, Data & Analytics Manager here at New Horizons, explains:

It can be very difficult to stand out in a crowded digital space. What makes things even more challenging is that it takes between 16-20 impressions before a consumer actually notices your brand. 

By taking your message offline and using multiple mediums, such as Facebook or Google Display in addition to a billboard or newspaper ad, you may just find that over time, your digital ads have a greater impact.

You get that localized feel that a billboard brings coupled with the gentle reminder from your Google and/or Facebook advertisements.

The cost of a billboard varies depending on the city and state, the location in that area, the size of the billboard or poster, and the length of the contract. 

As an example, we got some pricing from Lamar here in Decatur, IL, and here are some roundabout numbers:

  • The static posters (10'6" x 22'9") are $500 per four weeks per location for the space, and $150 per poster flex.
  • The digital posters are $1000 per four weeks per location.
  • There are 14' x 48' bulletin locations, and they range in space cost from $1000-$1500 per four weeks depending on location and length of contract, and the vinyls are $1050 each.

Billboards are an investment, but they can be very effective. Oftentimes, the hardest part is coming up with an effective billboard design. That's why we decided to put our heads together and develop a billboard template for our agents to customize and use.

There are some good rules of thumb to follow when designing a billboard, such as:

  • Keep the message concise and quick to comprehend (drivers have about 5-10 seconds to read it)
  • The length of the message should be between 7-10 words
  • Use clear, readable fonts
  • Choose a simple photo and a simple background that's easy to recognize quickly
  • Include a takeaway, such as a website or phone number
  • If possible, try to create a memorable phrase that acts as a play on words, a rhyme, or has a touch of humor

We went through dozens of mockups and ideas before settling on the following design, which has 4 variations to choose from.





The message is concise and points out some of the largest draws of the Medicare MSA. This design fits a 14x48 bulletin or a10'6" x 22'9" poster, which are the most common sizes for a billboard.

This design is meant to be customizable to you and your business, so we encourage you to swap out:

  • The photo of the individual with a photo of you (not required, but encouraged)
  • The phone number and website URL with yours (delete if not available)
  • The logo with your logo (if you don't have a logo, the name of your agency typed out would work)

When you download the 2022 Lasso Healthcare MSA Marketing Kit, you'll have access to all of the source files, which are editable. If you're not savvy with Adobe design software, you can give the file to the billboard company, and they have designers that can easily swap out the placeholder information with yours.

Lasso Healthcare MSA Social Media Ads

If you're active on Facebook or other social media platforms, inform your clients about the 2022 plan options with these done-for-you social media ads.

Lasso has provided a document with many description options to choose from, and there's also a folder with images to choose from. Mix and match!

Lasso Healthcare MSA Videos

Finally, Lasso Healthcare has developed two videos you can use in your advertising efforts. For example, you could add them to your website or share them on Facebook.

lasso 2022 video ad

The videos give a quick snapshot of what the Lasso MSA is and why a consumer would enjoy it.

Marketing Compliance

This is very important – if you end up customizing any of these marketing pieces, please send a copy of that to us here at New Horizons. We will then send these to Lasso Healthcare so that it’s on file.

This is just an extra step we all have to take in order to remain compliant.

Don't forget to download the 2022 Lasso Healthcare MSA Marketing Kit:

Get the 2022 Lasso Marketing Kit

And of course, if you're not yet contracted to sell it, click the link below to get started:

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