New Med Supp Launch: American Benefit Life

New Med Supp Launch: American Benefit Life
August 20, 2021

We are so excited to start selling Medicare Supplements with American Benefit Life, available August 27th, 2021.


Who Is American Benefit Life?

American Benefit Life is a third-generation company under the Liberty Bankers Life family. They have joined hands with the Integrity family to make this carrier an exclusive offering through the Integrity platform of partners.  


The owner, Brad Phillips, has proven to be a great partner, and he has an incredible dedication to the senior market as he continues to build a huge presence in the senior space. Brad has a president in Marty Martin that has as much experience and knowledge as anyone in the Medicare Supplement, annuity, and life business in America.  

The team in Dallas is a true dream team. I am going to focus on the Medicare Supplement launch, but keep in mind that this stable of companies Brad Phillips has through Liberty Bankers is perfect for the senior consumer.

Why Do I Need ABL As An Agent?

ABL has great pricing and top commissions that are in sync with the entire industry. Aetna is their TPA, and we have had a very good trial with Capitol Life for the past 3 years, so all the wrinkles are ironed out. 

To be clear, LBL was version 1 in the Medicare Supplement space, and Capitol Life was version 2. Now, we have American Benefit Life, and we believe version 3 takes all the experience from 1 and 2 to bring one of the most competitive Medicare Supplements to the market – not only for the consumer, but for the agent, too.

Innovative Underwriting

The underwriting is what the agent in the field loves. By submitting an electronic application in the home, the agent will – in minutes – get a red, green, or yellow light. This allows you to pivot to another carrier if they get a red light, or you know immediately that you have a complete sale and can close while still in the home. 

The yellow light provides flexibility by letting you know we will need a phone call to verify something about the prescriptions they are taking or were taking.  

Great Trips & Incentives

When you see and understand the efficiency of doing business with ABL and are rewarded with great trips like Spain, Norway Cruises, and this current marketing conference in Lisbon, Portugal, it makes total sense to me that you should add ABL to your sales strategy.


We have all the support in place to help you hit the ground running this AEP and beyond for 2022. Please take a moment and get yourself on board with your contracting and be a leader in sales with ABL. I promise you will be glad you did.  

Get contracted with American Benefit Life (ABL)

Good selling!

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