Senior Market Agent Sales Training Reviews | The All-Star Program

Senior Market Agent Sales Training Reviews | The All-Star Program
July 20, 2021

The All-Star Program is an 8-week training program that teaches proven selling processes and critical product training for agents in the senior insurance market.

The program is the perfect jumpstart for brand new agents, a great cross-selling course for experienced agents, and the ideal agent training solution for agency owners.

Hear from 6 recent All-Star Program graduates about their experience during the 8-week program.

Upcoming class dates:

  • July 26, 2021
  • January 2022 – exact date TBD

Elevate Your Business With the All-Star Program for Insurance Agents

Christie Adcock, Brand New Agent

Christie Adcock, a brand-new insurance agent in senior market sales, shares the tips and tricks she learned during her time in the All-Star Program.


"I would definitely recommend this program, not only for beginners but even as a refresher course for established agents," Christie says.

Christie loved the small group aspect of the course where everyone is learning together and feels comfortable asking questions and learning from each other.

She especially enjoyed the tips and tricks Michael shared during meetings, including stories you can utilize in future sales presentations.

"There's so much more content you can get during the weekly meetings," Christie says.

She says the All-Star Program gets you excited about selling senior market products.

Mark Roberts, Brand New Agent

Mark Roberts, a brand-new insurance agent in senior market sales, shares why the All-Star Program was the perfect path for starting his insurance agency. He also gives an inside look at what the program is like and what you can expect.


Mark shares what the program is like, including the weekly meetings, your homework, and videos to watch. "Having the accountability really helps and makes you stay prepared," he shares.

Mark says the best part of the program is it gives you a place to start. "I wanted to have access to someone with a tried-and-true practice," he says.

Mark recommends the All-Star Program for brand new agents as a great way to give you a base to start working from. He also recommends it for experienced agents who need the ability to learn new products and sales processes.

Gina Downs, Agency Owner

Gina Downs is the Vice President of Senior Connection, an insurance agency specializing in senior market sales. She shares if she would recommend the All-Star Program to other agency owners looking to train their agents and encourage cross-selling.

One of the reasons Gina put off enrolling her agents into the All-Star Program is because they're already very successful. The agency has been around for a long time, and sales have been great.

However, she says that doesn't mean they can't improve.

"Unless you're rocking and rolling on every side of the products available, you can learn something and make yourself better while becoming a better advocate for your clients," she says.

Gina says the program is great for seasoned insurance agents and brand new agents.

"Michael is a fantastic trainer," she says. "He's very understanding; he is knowledgable; he listens and can help people where they can be better. He's just been fantastic."

"It's worth it – the knowledge is worth it, and the time is worth it. I'd highly recommend it to any agency," she says.

Brandon Graham, Budding Agency Owner

Brandon Graham, experienced Medicare agent in the process of building an agency, talks about his experience in the All-Star Program and why the Client Needs Assessment was his favorite topic of the entire program.

The reason Brandon joined the All-Star Program was to see our training process and develop an understanding of how he could mirror it at his new agency. He hasn't seen any other company put together such a thorough and regimented training program.

He says the structure of the program was incredibly helpful – you learn all of the information through on-demand training videos and relay what you've learned back through quizzes at the end of each module.

Brandon says he already knew about all the different senior market insurance products, but the course provided a guide to effectively present and sell them.

"You learn why you're presenting the products and the big picture of it all," he says.

His favorite part of the course was the Client Needs Assessment. "The CNA really pulls it all together and gives you actionable steps on how to approach sales," he says.

He recommends the All-Star Program to any agent looking to get into the industry as well as agency owners.

"It's great to see how other folks in the industry are going about training and doing things the right way," he says.

Stacey Powell, Brand New Agent

Stacey Powell, a brand-new insurance agent in senior market sales, shares her experience in the All-Star Program. Stacey has been an employee at a pharmacy for about 15 years and wants to add Medicare sales to her repertoire to help her senior customers. She shares why the All-Star Program was the perfect way to get educated and start her insurance sales business.


"The information, knowledge, and resources they have – it's all right there at your fingertips," Stacey says.

Stacey loves helping customers who have trouble understanding Medicare, and the All-Star Program was the perfect place for her to get educated. 

She especially loved the physical workbook and handouts provided with the course.

"You can feel that the people are with you and are behind you. It's already like I'm a part of the team," she says.

Ethan Braden, Brand New Agent

Ethan Braden, brand new insurance agent, talks about his experience in the All-Star Program and how he's sold 15 policies since starting the 8-week training program.

Ethan enrolled in the All-Star Program to get thorough product training on all of the available products in senior market sales. 

His favorite part of the program was how personal it was and the interaction he had with Michael, the trainer of the program, and his fellow classmates.

"Being that close to Mr. Sams, especially an agent of his caliber – it's nice to be able to call or text him if I have a question," he says.

Ethan sold 15 policies in the first few weeks of starting the course. "The proof is in the pudding," he says.

He recommends the All-Star Program to both new and experienced agents who are interested in branching out and offering more products.


The All-Star Program is the first online course in the senior market that delivers hands-on mentorship, extremely thorough product training, and insight into proven systems that have improved agency efficiency for years.

Whether you want your agents to become cross-selling masters or you need thorough training to get into this business, the All-Star Program is a great solution.

Class dates:

  • July 26, 2021
  • January 2022 – exact date TBD

Check out the course outline and reach out to me directly if you have any questions about the program. 

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