The Americo/GSL UFirst Rewards Program: Where Do You Stand?

November 19, 2019

We find ourselves in a Medicare Supplement marketplace where there are so many great options for the writing agent. We are currently promoting some fantastic trips – Curacao with KSKJ Life and Banff Springs with Liberty Bankers Life come to mind! – that will surely catch the eye of the producer.

However, we have never seen a program like the UFirst Rewards Program that rewards good sales with outstanding cash.

New Horizons agents are enjoying bonus levels for their production that tops anything I have ever seen. I’m talking about bonus checks over $13,000!

The amount of cash that Americo and Great Southern Life (GSL) have given out since the inception of the bonus is just under $1 million!

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The Ultimate Agent Favorites – Underwriting and Price

The beauty of GSL is the point of sale underwriting that has proven to be an agent favorite. We’ve interviewed four agents about it, and here’s what they had to say:

“I don’t like to write a policy, wait 2-4 days, and then have underwriting call my clients and ask them questions. When I drive home after a long day, I know the 7 or 8 policies I wrote are approved, and their other company is also canceled. I know I’m getting paid on it. It’s done.” –Russell M.
“I see no advantage to doing the paper app whatsoever because you instantly know if the e-App is declined, and if it is, you can go somewhere else while you’re still there with the client.” –David T.
“A lot of people say they’ll be on vacation next week and it’s the end of the month. With instant approval, we’ll know that day, so it’s not an issue.” – Tyler N.
“If we brought somebody in, we could immediately find out if they’ve been denied or approved. If they were denied, we could go right to the next company, and try them with somebody else.” – Tyler R.

On top of the instant underwriting decision, GSL has some of the best prices for Plans F and G. Talk about a perfect storm! You have to love it when your customer wins and you, the agent, wins! That’s when your job is the most fun.

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Don’t Sleep on the Top 5 Bonus

In addition to the 10% bonus offered to any agent that reaches $30,000 in production (at least 65% underwritten), GSL and Americo provide a Top 5 bonus.

The five agents to have the highest production for the company get an additional bonus, and we are so proud to share that the New Horizons field force has been knocking it out of the park!

Several New Horizons agents have been in the top 5 for Americo and have received that bonus. The Top 5 bonus ranges from $1,000-$5,000. That extra cash will make anyone smile.

Please call us if your not currently writing GSL to learn more about how you can add to your bank account with the one-of-a-kind commissions and bonuses they offer.

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My personal goal has been for New Horizons Marketing to have all 5 top spots filled by our field force. It hasn’t happened yet, but we have occupied the top 3.

If you find yourself wanting to compete for a top slot, jump on in and make GSL your company of choice.

Marketing trips are fantastic, but CASH always works.

Happy Selling!

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