Top Producer Interview: Michael Sams on Selling Medicare & Annuity Products
February 14, 2022

John Hockaday is sitting down with Michael Sams, the agent with the highest total production in 2021 for us.

We definitely want to give a shout out to other top producers here at New Horizons, including Chase G., Russell M., Gary C., Jamie S., Patty G., and Nour K. You know who you are and we sincerely appreciate your business.

In case you haven’t seen our monthly production reports, we tally sales up on a point system, and Michael ended 2021 with 1,468,336 total points. That includes over $160,000 in Medicare Supplement production and $6.3 million in annuity sales.

In addition to running his own book of business, Michael is the Director of Sales Training and Development here at New Horizons.

In this casual, interview-style video, you can learn more about Michael's sales process, how he finds leads, and how he consistently manages to produce millions in annuity sales.

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