Unique Commission Structure with United American Med Supps
June 23, 2020

United American is now opened up to brokers, and we're very excited to offer their Medicare Supplements! The commission structure stands out with this carrier – along with a few other highlights. All the details senior market producers need to know are right here.

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We're introducing a new carrier – they're really not new, they've around forever – but it's United American. A+ rated carrier that's been in the Med Supp business forever.

Jeff and I started with them back in the mid-1980s. But they're back! They've never gone anywhere, but for many years, they worked as a career distributor, and now it's been opened up to brokerage opportunity. We are really, really excited to be able to offer them along with our other carriers.

Here are 5 things that really stand out to me.

Number 1: They pay lifetime comp.

You hate to go to comp first, but that really stands out. That's in every state. The comp is for as long as the business is on the books, and they do a little something different with theirs. They heap the compensation in the first year, which kind of makes it like it was prior to standardization in '92 for us old guys.

That's a real nifty, exciting point.

Another thing that they do that's very unique is they pay full comp over 80 in every state. That's unusual. In most of our states, when a customer gets past 80, the comp gets reduced, so that's another thing.

I hate going to the money first, but we went to the money first on this one.

Number 2: The application is simple.

Another thing I really like is the simplicity of their application.

When you look at this, I'll bet anything it's the easiest app you have. There's 11 questions, they do not ask for prescription drugs, and the underwriting process includes a phone call to go through the questions with them.

You really need to check out this application, because it's super, super simple.

They have an e-app, too, which is nice for those of you that want to use that, which a lot of you do.

Number 3: It's a great fit for older clientele.

Where we really see them as a fit is for that older clientele. Maybe they're 75 or 78+, with a few nicks and bruises – this could really be a good home for them. It'll save them some money and put them in a better spot.

Number 4: It's the same price age 80 and up.

One other thing that's unique, and you need to get this, is it's the same price 80 and up.

So if the customer is 80 or 95, that customer pays the same price. There are no future rate increases due to age after age 80, which is really unique.

Number 5: They have a great trip that's easy to qualify for.

One last quick thing – they have a really simple trip to qualify for. 

Check out the United American 2021 Los Cabos Convention

We'd love for you to take a good, strong look at United American. If you haven't gotten contracted yet, I think it's really one you need to take a look at. 

Get contracted with United American

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