Unique features of Mutual of Omaha Life products

May 17, 2016


Hey guys, today we're going to talk about Mutual of Omaha, and a couple of their Life Products. They have a lot of them, but we're going to dive in to 2 of them: their Term Life and their Children's Whole Life product.

Term Life

10, 15, 20, & 30 year terms

No-Cost Riders and Provisons

  • Residential Damage Waiver of Premium Rider
    • Waives Premium for 6 Months if insured sustains over $25k in damage
  • Unemployment Waiver of Premium
    • Waives premium for 6 months if unemployed

Other riders available but not included

Rates are tough to beat

Childrens Whole Life

Issue Ages

  • 14 Days to 17 years

Face Amounts

  • $5,000-$30,000

Policy fee

  • $12

Death Benefit Guarantee

  • Policy is guaranteed to age 100 as long as premium is paid.

Other Product Features

  • Additional coverage may be purchased in the future without evidence of insurability
    • Can purchase at age 30, 33, 36, and 39
    • Whole Life not Term
  • Application is only 2 Pages, with 2 health questions

Example Rate

  • 10 Year old male, $15,000 Death Benefit = $93 annually



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