Video: How to Find Homeowners' Names for Door-Knocking

May 27, 2015

You're out knocking on doors, trying to make some sales. Have you ever wanted to know a neighbor's name, age, and phone number? Maybe you haven't been able to catch your prospect at home so you want to pop around to a few of the neighbors to try. Here's how to find names and ages of people in any neighborhood.

Simply go to the website, and instead of searching for a person's name, we're going to do a "reverse address" search. Click the "Address" tab, then enter an address, such as your main prospect's address, then press Search.

This will display 8-10 of the neighbors' names and addresses. But at the bottom of those results is a button titled "See more neighbors in this area". If you select that, you'll get a list of up to 99 neighbors. Now, if you select one of the neighbors' names, you'll get their approximate age, along with other people who may live there.

This is great information for farming a neighborhood! You could even do this ahead of time, mapping out your prospect's neighbors who are over 65. You could use that list and ask your prospect if he knows any of them.

Be aware that this info isn't always up-to-date, as it's gathered from multiple sources. I'd suggest looking up your own address, and looking over your own neighbors' info to get an idea for accuracy. My own record showed a landline phone number that I haven't had for at least 10 years.

This tip was shared with me by one of our agents, Betty Goodwin. Thanks Betty!


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