Video: Learning e-Apps — Aetna Med Supp Application

February 9, 2015

The Aetna electronic Medicare Supplement application is one of the more thorough apps out there. In the video below, I'll walk you through it page by page, and explain the various options available.

How to access the app

To get to Aetna's e-App, visit and sign in if you have an account. Otherwise you can register for a new account, as long as you have a writing number. The e-App button is right in the center of the screen after you login.

Complete the application

Aetna e-App

Online Quotes
Electronic Signature
Voice Signature
Wet Signature
Pre-Fill Agent Details
Resume Later?
Pre-Fill for client, then
Print for wet sig?
Upload Attachments?
Add notes to UW?

There are around 14 pages to complete depending on your selections, but most of them are simple. As mentioned above, Aetna's app is very thorough, and can be completed completely without requiring other documents to be mailed or faxed.

As you progress through the application, green checkmarks appear along the left hand side, letting you know that the pages are complete. A red question mark appears on pages with missing information.

Additionally, there are a few time-saving features built in. For example, you only need to enter your client's name one time. After that, it will be automatically filled in anywhere else it's needed, and the top of each page will be automatically initialed. When you add the client's birth date, it fills in their age. On certain questions, you'll see a yes or no option. If you choose yes, an extra field might appear for an explanation, which helps to simplify the app.

One minor complaint I have, is that under the prescription drug section there's a link that opens a list of uninsurable meds. However, if you add one of those to the client's drug list, it does not warn you, so be sure to check the list before continuing.

When you get to the Plan and Premium screen, another time saver becomes apparent. As soon as you choose the plan and payment frequency, it fills in the premium for you, and account for the household discount if applicable.

The Agent Information screen lets you optionally save your info during your first app. Next time you complete an app, your info will be pre-filled.

Locking and signing the application

After completing the app, Aetna requires you to "lock" it, which prevents any more changes before signing. You can unlock an app, but doing so erases any signatures that were added.

Once locked, you can move on to signing the app. There are three options for signing:

  • Electronic signature
  • Voice signature
  • Print application for client's wet signature

Electronic signatures will work with your clients being present or not, but if they are not present they each must have an email address. If you email the info to them, they will get an email asking them to click a link. The app will open in their web browser, with a button they must click to sign. Clicking the button effectively signs the application.

If they are present, you can electronically sign by having them click the button on your screen, and they don't need email to do so.

The voice signature option is a simple phone call, which provides your client with a 9 digit confirmation number, which they will need to write down, and you will need to enter into the app after the call. I've included a sample of the call in the video, and a link to the full sample below.

The last option is to print the app on paper, and have your clients sign. When you print the app, it looks like a standard paper app, but all the data you entered previously will be filled in, including their initials at the top of each page. After they sign, you'll fax the signed app to Aetna.

Final notes

If you have an existing client that you know will be applying for Aetna's Med Supp, you can always start the app ahead of time, and fill in everything you know to save time during your appointment. Then once they're present, you can open the app and continue it.

While Aetna's app can take longer than some other carriers' apps, it's a "smart" app that changes based on selections you've made. It handles almost everything within the system, so you aren't rounding up other documents to fax or mail separately.

I've included links to get more info and training here:


Get Contracting Info

If you have any questions about the e-App, just ask in the comments section below.

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