February 17, 2015

The MLIC electronic Medicare Supplement application is a really simple, one-page app. In the video below, I'll walk you through it step by step, and point out some important things to know.

How to access the app

To get to Manhattan's e-App, visit manhattanlife.com, go to "Agent Login", and sign in if you have an account. Otherwise you can register for a new account, as long as you have a writing number.

After signing in, go the "Agent Tools" menu and select "Individual Enrollment". Then, select "Click to Enroll".

Complete the application

Manhattan Life e-App

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To get to the application, you first have to enter some basic information, such as your client's zip code, birth date, effective date, and payment frequency.

Next you'll press the "Get Quote" button. This displays the available plans along with the premium for each. Select a plan (F, G, N, etc.), then press "Apply Online".

Now you'll fill in the applicant info including their home and mailing address, and the Payor info if it's different from the applicant. Moving down the page, we come to the Primary Physician info, then Medicare info.

Continue with answering the Health Questions and prescription drug info. After that you are asked who to mail the policy to. If you choose the Insured, it fills in their name and address for you. Likewise, if you choose Agent, your info is filled in.

Next up are the Disclosures and the Reason for Replacement. After these sections, we come to the "signature".

Signing the application

Manhattan's signature process is fairly unique. There is only one option for signing: you enter the maiden name of your client's mother, along with city and state where the app is being "signed". This is information is confirmed in the required follow-up call, which we'll come back to later.

Before we get to that call, we move on through the app, to the Agent Certification section, which is partly pre-filled with your name, email, writing number, and so on.

Below this is the Email Consent Authorization. If your client agrees to email communication from MLIC you can check this, otherwise choose the decline option. This does not affect the application process.

Finally, we get to the Bank Information. Fill in the routing umber and account info, and you're ready to submit the app.

After submitting the app, you'll see a confirmation screen, where you can download a PDF of the completed app, or upload any supporting documents if needed. Unfortunately, you can't go back to edit anything after it's submitted.

You'll be instructed to call into the Underwriting Hotline. they will verify the "signature" with your client, and ask any questions they have. If approved, they'll issue a policy number over the phone. Manhattan Life calls this "Expedited Underwriting".

Final notes

Be aware that as you answer certain questions, such as a Yes/No answer, the app updates, and sometimes jumps back up to the top of the app. If that happens, just scroll down the page to where you were.

You cannot partially complete an application, then come back to finish it later. There is a time limit of 40 minutes, so if you don't complete the app within that time, you must start over. Therefore, be sure you have all the needed info ready to go before you start this application.

Wet Signatures?

The most inconvenient aspect of this app is that you do need a wet signature on the Policy Checklist for IL & KY. In that case, you can either email or fax it in.

I've included links to get more info and training here:


Get Contracting Info

If you have any questions about the e-App, just ask in the comments section below.

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