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March 24, 2015

The Medico electronic Medicare Supplement application is very thorough and makes cross-selling their other products extremely easy. In the video below, I'll walk you through it page by page, and explain the various options available.

How to access the app

To get to Medico's e-App, visit and sign in if you have an account. Otherwise you can register for a new account, as long as you have a writing number. Medico has named their e-App system "MyEnroller" and it can be accessed on the top menu bar.

Online or offline access

Medico's system is unique, in that you have the option of downloading it to your PC (Windows only) and running it offline. For example, you could take a laptop to a client's home, complete the app without an internet connection, then once you're back at your office with an internet connection, you can sync it up.

Medico uses a third party technology called Citrix Receiver in order to run their app software. Citrix Receiver is a universal software client that provides secure delivery of applications. The first time you run MyEnroller, you'll need to install Citrix, but the good news is that it's pretty easy, and it's only once. It works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

After you've installed Citrix, you're ready to get quotes and start an app.

Complete the application

Medico e-App

Online Quotes
Electronic Signature
Voice Signature
Wet Signature
Pre-Fill Agent Details
Resume Later?
Pre-Fill for client, then
Print for wet sig?
Upload Attachments?
Add notes to UW?

There are several screens to complete depending on your selections, but most of them are brief. As you progress through the application, a progress bar at the top right lets you know what percentage of the app has been completed.

Throughout the app, you'll see some fields that have a yellow background. These are required fields, and you can't move ahead without completing those. Also, in a few places you may see fields with a green background. These are not required, but are strongly recommended.

You'll make your way through the various screens, completing basic enrollment info, policy & applicant info, and household discounts, clicking the "Next" button on each screen. Then you'll come to the Products screen, where you select which products you want to quote, including Med Supp, DVH, Final Expense, Recovery Care, Cancer, and Hospital Indemnity.

The way this screen is designed makes it really easy to cross-sell. You simply click the checkbox next to any product, and it tallies the total premium, similar to shopping online. You could ask "Would you like the death benefit with that?" You can show them that for a few extra dollars they can add a $10,000 FE policy.

Once you've selected the appropriate plan(s), you'll move on to adding the client's Medicare info, replacement questions, and in certain states, the policy checklist. Next is the health history and medical questions, followed by medications.

Then you'll enter the client's address, review the payment summary, confirm Medicare Guide and policy delivery options. After that, you can review the unsigned app with your client. Now they're ready to sign.

Signing the application

There are three options for signing:

  • Electronic signature
  • Voice signature
  • Print application for client's wet signature

Electronic signatures will work with your clients being present or not, but if they are not present they each must have an email address. If you email the info to them, they will get an email asking them to click a link. The app will open in their web browser, where they must enter their date of birth and last 4 digits of their Social Security Number. Then they'd review the app, enter a few more items and click a button to sign the application.

If they are present, you can electronically sign by having them confirm that they agree to the terms shown, entering their date of birth, last 4 of their SSN, City and State. You can offer them your keyboard and mouse, or you can do this for them so they can see it.

For the voice signature option, Medico will call the applicant and capture their Voice Authorization. This is only available for Open Enrollment and Underwritten Medicare Supplement plans, Short Term Recovery Care and the Cancer plan. Voice Authorization is not available for the Dental, Vision & Hearing and Hospital Indemnity products.

The last option is to print the app on paper, and have your clients sign. When you print the app, it looks like a standard paper app, but all the data you entered previously will be filled in. To do this, you'll have the option to "View Application PDF" at the end of the application process, and then print it. After they sign, you can fax the signed app to Medico.

Final notes

MyEnroller allows you to start apps and continue them later, so if you know which product your client is going with you can pre-fill portions of the app ahead of time, and complete everything you know to save time during your appointment. Then once they're present, you can open the app and continue it.

Be sure to give yourself about 30 minutes to test out a fake app, so you're familiar with the system before writing a real app.

I've included links to get more info and training here:


Get Contracting Info

What questions do you have about the e-App? Ask in the comments section below.

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