April 7, 2015

Mutual of Omaha's electronic Medicare Supplement application is a nicely designed e-App with a great "sandbox" for learning how to use it. In the video below, I'll walk you through it page by page, and explain the various options available.

How to access the app

To get to MoO's e-App, visit https://www8.mutualofomaha.com and sign in if you have an account. Otherwise you can register for a new account, as long as you have a writing number.

e-App Sandbox

Something that MoO offers that no other carrier does, is a "Sandbox" environment, where you can go through the process of submitting a test application, without accidentally submitting it to underwriting. You can get a great feel for how everything works, and go all the way through the various signature options, before doing a live app with a client.

To use the sandbox, choose "Sales Tools" in the top menu, then choose "Resources" under the Medicare Supplement heading. On the following page, you'll see a link for "Sandbox Med Supp e-App".

Get a quote

Each app starts with getting a quote. You can quote an individual or a couple. You’ll need to enter a few basic pieces of information, then you’ll get quotes for all available plans in your client’s zip code. Choose the appropriate plan to start an application.

Complete the application

Mutual of Omaha e-App

Online Quotes
Electronic Signature
Voice Signature
Wet Signature
Pre-Fill Agent Details
Resume Later?
Pre-Fill for client, then
Print for wet sig?
Upload Attachments?
Add notes to UW?

The application is well designed, with fields and notes only appearing if and when they are needed. All the sections are listed at the left side of your screen, and as you make your way through the application, a green check-mark appears next to sections that have been completed. If anything is missing, you'll see a gold warning icon instead of a green check-mark

As you complete each screen, you click the "Next" button to move ahead. The functionality is similar to other carriers' apps, and easy to understand. At the end of the app, you'll choose the signature method.

Signing the application

There are three options for signing:

  • Electronic signature
  • Voice signature
  • Print application for client's wet signature

You'll choose a method to sign, and your choice will dictate how to proceed. If you choose the Wet Signature option, you can simply print the application, and have your client sign it. For e-sign and voice-sign, you'll get an authorization code, which you give to your client.

To use the e-App with e-signature or voice signature, applicants must have Internet access. Electronic signatures do not require your clients to have an email address, though it is preferred. They can still complete the app as long as they have internet access, but it'll be rare for someone to have internet access without having an email address. You may direct your client to visit signyourmedsuppapp.com where they'll need to enter their authorization code and date of birth.

For the voice signature option, your client will call Mutual of Omaha and enter the authorization code and follow the automated prompts.

The last option is to print the app on paper, and have your clients sign. The printed app looks like a standard paper app, but all the data you entered previously will be filled in.

Once you've requested client signatures, you can always check the main Dashboard screen to see the status of the apps, including whether or not they've been signed.

Final notes

Make sure to try out the sandbox e-App and the various signature options, so you're familiar with the system before writing a real app.

I've included links to get more info and training here:


Get Contracting Info

What questions do you have about the e-App? Ask in the comments section below.

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