February 9, 2015

Oxford Life's electronic Medicare Supplement application is simple, and can be completed pretty quickly. In the video below, I'll walk you through it page by page, and explain the various options available.

How to access the app

To get to the Oxford Life e-App, visit oxfordlife.com and sign in if you have an account. Otherwise you can register for a new account, as long as you have a writing number. After you login, go to the Producer Support menu, then choose Medicare Supplement Application.

Complete the application

Oxford Life e-App

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Electronic Signature
Voice Signature
Wet Signature
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Pre-Fill for client, then
Print for wet sig?
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Add notes to UW?

On the very first screen, there is a field to add your client's email address if they have one. If you add one, the system will email a copy of the Outline of Coverage, and the Guide to Health insurace for People with Medicare. If they don't have an email address, you must either give them a copy, or point them to downloadable copies on the Oxford Life website at oxfordlife.com/medsup.

After selecting the plan and payment frequency, the app will calculate the premium for you.

The online application does have some quirks. For instance, if you are filling in one of the date fields, and you don't click to place your cursor in the left side of the date field, you may find that the date is entered wrong. I couldn't backspace to delete either, so pay attention to where you click in date fields.

Also, in the Health Questions section, if you choose Yes on a question, it may show extra fields for a explanation, but they sometimes take a few seconds to appear.

After completing the application you'll need to call in for the Point Of Sale Telephone Approval Process (POSTAP) call.

POSTAP and Voice Signature

The only option for signing is a Voice Signature, there is no electronic or email signature. This is done after submitting the app, by calling Oxford Life. You will call in and begin the process, and agree to recording of the call.

After a few questions, you will be asked to put the applicant on the line, and they will go over application and medication info. After that, you'll get back on the phone with them, and the interviewer will provide an underwriting decision at that time.

If your client is approved, they'll receive a policy number within two business days.

Final notes

You can start the app ahead of time, and fill in everything you know to save time during your appointment. Once your client is present, you can re-open and continue the app.

Since this application is basic, be prepared to supply supporting documentation.

Wet Signatures?

The most inconvenient aspect of this app is that you do need a wet signature on the EFT Authorization and Replacement Notice (if used), and in Illinois, the Policy Checklist. In that case, you can either email or fax it in, or — if you know how — scan it and attach it on the last screen.

I've included links to get more info here:


Get Contracting Info

If you have any questions about the e-App, just ask in the comments section below.

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