“Why” is more important than “What”

June 13, 2016

In sales we often get caught up in what products to sell, what company to promote, who pays the best commission, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements, Plan F or Plan G, and so on.

There's no shortage of these types of questions but sometimes we lose sight of what it is that we really do, and why we do it. We must not forget that what we really do as insurance professionals is protect families from devastating financial burdens when a medical crisis strikes.

I love the fact that we help people when they need help the most. We sometimes focus so much on the front side of the insurance process that we overlook the huge benefit to our prospect.

No one wants to think about cancer, long-term care, sickness, accidents, or death, but unfortunately these are all part of life. We help people to prepare for worst-case scenarios, and we should do it with pride, since we're in a service business.

We provide a valuable service that protects people's life savings, and prevents them from being torn apart from financial hardship. I've seen ads and flyers for fundraising benefits when someone gets sick or has an accident, and later found out the benefit was because they had no health insurance. I feel terrible for anyone that has had a tragic accident or unforeseen sickness but that is the whole purpose of insurance.

If you see yourself as a great provider of service for helping others your sales will take off like a rocket. I have seen my parents reach their late 70’s and insurance is a beautiful resource when you can have peace that you're doing all you can do for your loved ones and that finances are not part of your decision process.

Please take a moment and think of some of the folks you have helped, be proud, and then go help some more.

Happy selling and serving!

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