December 23, 2013

Here's a quick way to get a rough estimate

You might think that there just aren't enough leads in your area. Using the free Census Explorer website, you can easily find the number of people in your county who are over 65. Here's how:

In Macon County, Illinois, we get:
Population = 110,768
65 and over = 16.5%

110,768 x 0.165 = 18,276.73

  • Go to http://www.census.gov/censusexplorer/censusexplorer.html
  • Find your county - either;
    • Type in your county - for example, "Macon County, IL"
    • Use the zoom buttons
  • At left, on the "Select a Measure" button, choose "65 and over"
  • Then click "Show by" and select "County"
  • Now, hover your pointer over your county and the bubble shows;
    • Population
    • Percent 65 and over
  • Grab your calculator and multiply the population by the percentage.
  • There's your customer base!

So an agent in Macon County, has over 18,000 potential customers. That should keep even the best salesman busy!

Video Tutorial

There are other ways to use the Census Explorer tool!

See if you can figure out a good way to target an area to prospect for life and annuity clients, and share your method in the comments below.

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