August 7, 2017

It almost sounds taboo.

Becoming friends with a client on social media?

My initial reaction was “heck no!”

However, after talking with some agents and hearing them out, it’s pretty clear that if you’re not already doing this, you’re missing out on some major benefits.

1. Extending a friendly hand

When you ask to be friends with a client on Facebook, you’re changing the relationship from strictly business to business + friendship. Again, it sounds like a bad idea. However, aren’t you more likely to trust a friend?

In the insurance industry, the hardest hurdle to get over with a client is trust. They’re constantly wondering if you’re making an honest recommendation or if you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad press about insurance agents, so every little thing you can do to show your client that you’re a genuinely good guy will work in your favor.

2. Staying in touch

It can be not only a big time commitment but an investment to send out direct mail to everyone in your book of business.

You and your clients are on Facebook already. It’s such an easy way to keep your face in front of a client.

Before you know it, they’re are liking and commenting on your updates, and you’re doing the same with them.

3. Developing talking points

Perhaps one of the best parts of being Facebook friends with a client is that you now have something to talk about!

When you do your annual policy review, you usually have to dig up some small talk out of nowhere. But when you can say, “Hey! I saw you went on a cruise a little while back. How was it?” you become an all-star.

You got a conversation going, it’s something your client wants to talk about, and they appreciate you for remembering something about their life.

If you’re meeting with a client for the first time and you plan on becoming Facebook friends, you’ll need to come up with some small talk in the meantime. In that case, check out these 11 tips on how to start a conversation out of thin air.

Dos and Don’ts

Michael Sams, a frequent guest poster and product trainer for New Horizons explains that becoming Facebook friends with your clients is a game changer. He says, “Everything I post, I think of my clients.”

But, there are definitely some dos and don’ts to keep in mind. You want to nurture the relationship with your clients, not stifle it!



Like and comment on their status updates

Post about annoying or bad client experiences

Post pictures from your kid’s soccer game

Post pictures of you drunk on a boat

Post about your family vacations

Post about politics

Share cute or innocently funny videos

Post crude humor

Think about your clients before you post something

Share vulgar or offensive videos

Post about professional achievements and training you’ve done

Go on rants

The key is that your Facebook page should be personal. It should show your clients that you have a personality, that you have a life, and that you’re normal (even if you’re not)!

While it seems like an insignificant little thing to do, it has changed how agents work. It makes the job more personable, which makes meeting up with your clients… fun.

In order to become Facebook friends with your clients, you do have to find prospects first, so don’t forget to download the Door Knocking Flowchart below. Good selling!

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