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Medicare Educational Events Compliance Roadmap: Best Practices

March 12, 2024

The idea of hosting an educational Medicare event intimidated me for a long time thanks to compliance. I worried about unintentionally breaking a rule and getting into some red tape, so I just…

A Medicare Agent's Guide to the AEP Post-Mortem

December 5, 2023

As soon as December 8th arrives, all of us Medicare agents enjoy a sigh of relief. Right now is the perfect time to plan for what we'd do differently next year.

How to Sell Medicare Supplements: A Beginner's Guide

September 12, 2023

Originally published November 9, 2020. Last updated September 12, 2023. Dipping your toes into the Medicare supplement sales arena doesn't have to be intimidating; in fact, it can be your golden…

How to Prepare for AEP This Fall (10 Tips)

September 5, 2023

For a lot of Medicare agents, AEP is the most stressful time of year. You're trying to service your entire book of business in less than 8 weeks, all while managing to keep some sort of work-life…

Top 10 Client Needs Assessment Tips for Medicare Agents

February 28, 2022

The Client Needs Assessment is the foundation of my sales process. When people ask me how I did over $6 million in annuity sales last year, I tell them there is no "secret." I'm just using the Client…

Level Up: Medicare Agent Internship Guide (Call Scripts Included)

August 16, 2021

If office tasks like scheduling appointments and answering phones are taking up too much time, it might be time to hire an intern or part-time help.

5 Steps to Help Medicare Clients Deal with Expensive Prescription Drugs

August 2, 2021

Some prescriptions can be outrageously expensive, despite having Medicare drug coverage.

How to Become a $1 Million Insurance Producer

June 29, 2021

Becoming a $1 million insurance producer is possible. But it’s going to take a lot of time, hustle, and determination to get there.

15 Tips for Hosting an Educational Medicare Seminar

June 15, 2021

Originally published June 15, 2021. Updated March 12, 2024 to reflect compliance changes and some new insights after several more years of experience. An educational Medicare seminar is a great way…

The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Selling Insurance in the Senior Market

April 13, 2021

Cross-selling insurance isn’t difficult. It can be intimidating at first, because you need the product knowledge, a solid stable of carriers in your portfolio, and a process. However, with the right…