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How to Use the T65 Locator (and Why Agents Love It)

July 20, 2021

The T65 Locator makes it easy to find local Medicare prospects. It's quick to use, and pulling up locations on the map is a breeze. The best part? It's free for agents who do business with New…

How to Ask for Referrals to Organically Grow Your Insurance Agency

February 10, 2020

Ah, the wonderful referral. There's no better – or inexpensive – way to grow an insurance agency than to be thriving off of referrals. Word of mouth marketing is a tried-and-true way to find new…

60 Seconds Could Be Costing You Thousands: Why Speed to Lead Is Critical In Insurance Sales

May 14, 2018

The internet is a powerful place for insurance leads.

Lead Gen & Sales Retention Tips From Sales Coach Brian Nate

September 26, 2017

Brian Nate is an insurance marketer, retention specialist, and sales process guru. He works with agencies to implement proven sales strategies that create predictable sales results. Visit his…

Can a Lead Really Be... Dead?

September 26, 2017

You’ve given it your all with this client.

How to Generate More Leads and Keep the Clients You Have

July 31, 2017

Why do you think people buy insurance from you?

Don't overlook these easy leads

February 23, 2016

As an insurance agent, your success depends on getting leads. Without people to present to, you’re out of business. Buying leads can be expensive, and cold-calling and door-knocking can be an…