February 23, 2016

As an insurance agent, your success depends on getting leads. Without people to present to, you’re out of business.

Buying leads can be expensive, and cold-calling and door-knocking can be an exercise in frustration. While those are an important part of getting new business, don’t forget that your existing customers can offer you a great source of leads - their adult children.

Clients over age 83

To find your clients with children who are 65 years old, target the ones who are age 83 and older. Why 83? Because that covers people who started having children when they were 18.

How do I find them?

To do this easily, you need an Agency Management System (AMS) or Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). If you don’t have a system in place, it’s time to get on board. You are going to get left behind, and can’t get the info you need without one. Digging through filing cabinets isn’t going to work here!

Your system should have a way to run reports or searches. At the very least, you should be able to get an Excel file that lists your clients and their birth dates.

In our test, I ran a report from our system, AgencyBloc. It offers the ability to search a range of birth dates. I left the start date empty, and only entered the end date of February 1933, which is 83 years ago (from 2016). Your system may have a date range search, or it may even let you choose your clients’ ages. I also selected options to only search people with a status of “Insured”, “App Submitted” or “Quote” but that’s optional.

The results gave me a list of matching clients, and showed me that almost 18% of our clients were age 83 and older. These are people worth following up with!

Making it easier going forward

Conversations aren’t just for small talk, they are crucial in uncovering information. Make it a practice to ask your clients if they have kids, and find out how old they are. Make notes in your AMS or CRM, and if they are under 65, set a reminder to follow up at the appropriate time. They’ll probably trust you since you’ve helped their parents.


Your Agency Management System can be a treasure trove of easy-to-access information, whether it’s finding new leads, cross-selling opportunities, or better client communication. If you don’t have one in place yet, call me and I’m happy to chat with you about some good options.

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