4 Reasons to Sell Medicare Advantage With New Horizons Insurance Marketing

4 Reasons to Sell Medicare Advantage With New Horizons Insurance Marketing
March 1, 2021

Any broker that wants to come to us that feels he's not getting the love he deserves or an agent starting out who might feel embarrassed about what she doesn't know, trust me, we've been there! We will work hard for you, and we're putting together a really great team.

We know there are four key things that are important for Medicare Advantage agents:

  1. Technology
  2. Money/Commissions
  3. Training
  4. Compliance

How do we handle these four things for agents? Let's dive into it.

1. Technology

The technology we bring to the table with MedicareCENTER is second to none.

Learn More About MedicareCENTER

One of the things we've found is agents don't know where to go – or find it difficult – to get certified, find applications, or get different pieces of information. That has all been condensed in MedicareCENTER.

We can utilize that tool in everyday, face-to-face meetings or remotely.

It's an unbelievable tool that helped so many agents operate more efficiently. It's simply amazing the efficiencies you can create with this tool.

Upcoming webinar on 3/10/21 at 2pm CT: Scope of Appointments and Client Management in MedicareCENTER

2. Top Contracts and Commissions

Partnering with Integrity has been an absolute godsend. We can now have conversations with agents who've been successful for 15 years without having any constraints on commission.

We're at the national, top level when it comes to commission schedules. And that's for every Medicare Advantage carrier out there. We can really come alongside and support any sized organization.

We were limited in the past based on our size, but we now have a great partner who can help us get you to the next level. Commissions are still based on volume and downlines, but now, we can compete with other organizations.

In addition to top contracts, we can make our brokers much more profitable based on their time. Time is money. If we can help them see 12 clients as opposed to 8 during AEP, we've done our job. We've made them more profitable. And the technology we can offer gives agent that opportunity.

3. Training

I'm very excited about this – we're working right now on some amazing training

We're developing a training program for that agent who's new to Medicare Advantage. How do I take that MedicareCENTER tool and build the Medicare Advantage side quickly?

The training will quite literally take any agent from absolutely zero knowledge to a ready-to-sell position.

I see all these training tools coming out about how we can make that broker, who is fairly new to the marketplace, better.

The Medicare Advantage Sales Training is available now – click the image below to request access!

MA Sales Training

4. Compliance

Whether we're talking about Rebekah and the copywriting team, Mistie and the digital team, or Jason on the marketing side – we can bring all these things to the table. We're small, but we're very good. They make our everyday jobs so easy.

Download Medicare Advantage Marketing Materials Now

We have a huge capacity to help agents with compliance. Everyone needs to be careful with the compliance side of the equation.

The whole team has a tremendous reputation inside the industry right now.


There are a few ways to get started with us:

  • Call us at 888-780-7676
  • Request contracting for any of our Medicare Advantage carriers – just visit the carrier page and fill out the contracting form
  • Start a website chat with us during business hours (8am-4:30pm CT)
  • Schedule a consultation call with myself – you can use the image below to do that

Get started selling MA plans

I'm looking forward to the future and a strong year in Medicare Advantage sales.

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