2024 AHIP Certification Discounts
June 21, 2023

Looking for 2024 AHIP discounts and promotions? You've come to the right place.

Our team searched high and low and located several AHIP discounts, promotions, and reimbursements that are available to Medicare agents for the 2024 AHIP.

Most of these 2024 AHIP discounts are offered through a special link provided by carriers like UnitedHealthcare or Mutual of Omaha.

MA Sales Training

2024 AHIP Basics

More than 100,000 agents and brokers take the AHIP each and every year! This CMS-compliant training is the health insurance industry's most widely recognized MFWA training.

The 2024 AHIP Medicare Training certification opens Wednesday, June 21, 2022. You can access the AHIP Medicare Training website at ahipmedicaretraining.com.

In order to sell Medicare Advantage and Part D (Prescription Drug) plans, you'll need to receive your AHIP certification and transmit it to the carriers you want to offer.

The AHIP covers MA and PDP explanations, marketing and compliance guidelines, and laws on fraud in Medicare.

The AHIP costs $175 if you don't utilize any discounts or offers. The AHIP has 50 questions, and you have a maximum of 2 hours to complete it.

Don't sweat – it's an open book test, and you have 3 tries to pass (90% or better).

If you want some study tips, check out How to Prep & Study for the 2024 AHIP Exam.

Registering for the AHIP

To navigate the online AHIP system, you'll visit ahipmedicaretraining.com.

If you're taking the AHIP for the first time, click "Create a New Account" in the Registration area.

Then, follow the prompts by filling out your information such as NPN, the last 4 of your SSN, address, and so on. Once you're logged in successfully, you'll select "Purchase AHIP Medicare Training" in the Available Certifications section.

Alternatively, you can utilize some of the promotions and discounts that are offered through different MA, MAPD, and PDP carriers for 2024.

[Read the AHIP Medicare User Guide]

2024 AHIP Medicare Training Certification Discounts

There are several discounts being offered for this Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), so let's get right into it!

Lasso Healthcare: $50 Discount

Lasso Healthcare has done away with the educational bonus they did in years past.

This year, they're offering an AHIP discount.

You'll be prompted to take the AHIP at the discounted rate of $125 if you first certify through the Lasso Healthcare link, also provided within the certification process.

You'll know it worked when you see the Lasso Healthcare logo at the top of the AHIP screen.

Lasso on AHIP home page

Mutual of Omaha: $50 Discount

A $50 discount will be applied when a producer completes their 2024 AHIP certification via Mutual of Omaha's SPA link.

To access that link, log into the agent portal and click on the Products drop down. Choose Prescription Drug Plans, scroll down a little bit, and click on "AHIP Training."

AHIP Discount from Mutual of Omaha

You'll know that the link worked when you see the Mutual of Omaha logo on the top right corner of the AHIP Medicare Training home page.

Mutual of Omaha RX on AHIP home page

Humana: $50 Discount

The Humana discount requires you to log into the agent portal and click on the Humana MarketPoint University link.

For a shortcut, use this URL to apply the discount code. You will know it is successful when you see the Humana logo on the AHIP home page.

Humana on AHIP home page

Humana explains:

  • The cost to certify is $125 if you take the AHIP through Humana (a $50 discount)
  • The AHIP must be taken through Humana and the agent must meet sales requirements
  • Humana will reimburse your testing fee under the following circumstances:
    • Agent took the courses through the Humana Agent Portal, and
    • Agent successfully meets Humana’s benchmark for the given year. For additional information, please contact Agent Support.
    • Plan must be effective for at least 90 days, so reimbursements are usually paid out in late March or late April.

UnitedHealthcare (UHC): $50 Discount

In order to sell UnitedHealthcare Medicare products during AEP, you actually do not have to be AHIP certified. This is the only carrier we are aware of where this is the case.

However, if you do take the AHIP through UnitedHealthcare, you will be eligible for a $50 discount off your first purchase. (You can purchase the AHIP a second time if you don't pass in your first three tries.)

Prior to starting any AHIP coursework, you must follow the path listed below to access the AHIP/UHG co-branded website.

Jarvis™  >  Knowledge Center  >  Certifications  >  Launch Certifications  >  Certifications  >  2024 AHIP

Once you have launched the 2024 AHIP link, the system will automatically transport you to UnitedHealthcare's AHIP/UHG co-branded website where you will login to your AHIP account to purchase, complete, and transmit your results to UnitedHealthcare.

Anthem: $50 Discount

To get the $50 AHIP discount through Anthem's co-branded link, just visit AHIP's website using this URL.

You'll know it's successful when you see the Anthem logo on the AHIP home page.

Anthem on AHIP home page

You can also visit the Anthem Medicare Certification Center at any time for additional information.

SilverScript: $50 Discount

SilverScript also offers an AHIP discount. Here is the link to the SilverScript discount.

You will know it is successful when you see the SilverScript logo on the AHIP home page.

silverscript on AHIP home page

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