March 14, 2023

The first and second quarter mark the perfect time to get appointed with Medicare Advantage carriers. It’s also the perfect time to transfer any contracts, particularly if you cannot get a release from your current FMO. 

Let’s take a look at why Humana is a big player for 2023 – and, why having that contract with New Horizons could make your sales experience a lot smoother.

Get contracted with Humana

1. No Releases Needed

From the beginning of the year through June 10th, you can transfer your existing Humana contract to New Horizons – no release needed. 

If you can get a release from your current FMO, it’ll speed up the process.  

But if you can’t? We just need to wait 90 days, and we’ll be off to the races. 

2. Humana Is a Big Name

Humana is a big name that consumers know and trust. 

We have been informed of some upcoming double-digit Medicare Supplement plan rate increases from other big names in the business. 

These and other consumers may want to reconsider their Medicare Supplement plan choice by shopping for competitive premiums with another trusted brand if they can pass underwriting.

3. Humana's Lower-Than-Ever Medicare Supplement Plan Rates

When we think of Humana, many of us immediately think of their place in the Medicare Advantage space. They’re awfully competitive there, and for good reason. 

But Humana is actually working hard on simplifying its Medicare Supplement product portfolio and introducing new competitive pricing. We’re excited about how competitive this product is as we head into the later parts of 2023. 

We know competitive rates are key, but there are also some other fun things about the Medicare Supplement plans offered by Humana that we're excited about, including a really great household discount and the ability to pay your premiums with a credit card.

It’s definitely one you’ll want to have in your portfolio, not only because it’s a brand name that seniors know, but because it’s going to be more attractive than ever before.

4. All Products Under One Contract

With Humana, your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Agent ID are the same. It’s one contract that gives you the ability to sell any Humana product. 

All we need from you is two forms – that’s it, and you’re ready to offer any product from the Humana portfolio. 

5. Amazing Application Bonuses

While we don’t sell products for the bonuses, it’s nice when you get rewarded over and above your standard commission. 


Humana has an excellent bonus program that pays a fantastic bonus on issued policies, both underwritten and open enrollment. There's also no application minimum.

It’s actually one of the highest per-application bonuses in the industry. You can check it out here.

6. Integrations with Our Quoting & Enrollment Tools

If you have Humana with another FMO, you may not be getting the benefit of seeing Humana in MedicareCENTER. 

Learn More About MedicareCENTER

When you have your contracts with us, you can see those carriers in the MedicareCENTER quoting and enrollment platform. It unlocks a brand new way of doing business that’s streamlined and convenient.


We welcome the opportunity to earn your business. We make the contracting process simple, and if you are interested in transferring your existing Humana contract, we’ll guide you through that. 

Get contracted with Humana

Thank you for the business, and we look forward to a great 2023 and beyond! 

*Any dissemination of 2024 plan benefits prior to October 1 is strictly prohibited. This material, including any subpart(s), is not to be used as marketing and is not to be provided to a prospect, an applicant, member, group or the general public. Benefits are subject to CMA approval and may change.*

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