June 20, 2017

Part D commissions are bad.

If you do them all day long, you might walk away with a decent paycheck, but it seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

However, there’s a surprising upside to doing Part D evaluations that you might not have considered before.

Here’s the basic concept, and then we’ll do a breakdown of each component.

No one else does this, so you’re different.

You’re different, so you stand out.

You stand out, so you get more clients.

You get more clients, so you make more money.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can I make more money when the commissions are jack squat? The answer is cross sales.

How many of you are confident that you can make a sale if you could just get in front of a prospect?

Alright, before I get carried away, let’s break this down.

Are you new to Medicare Part D? Check out our comprehensive sales guide, How to Sell Medicare Part D.


No one else does this, so you’re different.

While many agents do offer help in choosing a Part D plan, there are an equal number of agents who won’t bother with it.

Offering to help a client with their Part D plan is a natural door-opener for you, because virtually every person that’s aging into Medicare will purchase some type of Part D coverage.

In 2016, almost 41 million people were enrolled in a Part D plan. And with Part D plans costing 8.4% more than they did 5 years ago, clients are looking to find the cheapest plan possible.

You’re now offering a service that’s of value to a prospect. You’re different than those other guys.

You’re different, so you stand out.

Nothing is better than providing exceptional customer service. Many agents will find that their career is better described as “service industry” than “insurance industry.”

Your job is to always do what’s best for the client. And not every agent has that mindset.

Prospects will be drawn to you when you stand out from the crowd in such a refreshing way.

I mean, come on — how many of us have requested the same waiter at a restaurant because their service was so awesome the last time we were there?

You stand out, so you get more clients.

When you do such a great job for John, he’s much more likely to tell his buddies William and Barbara that you’re the bomb.

Or one cool cookie.

Or whatever the lingo was back in 1952.

Your willingness to help people will spread, and before you know it, you’ll be hiring an assistant to keep track of it all.

You’re like a yawn. Super contagious, but better.

You get more clients, so you make more money.

More clients means more money. We know that Part D commissions are as good as nothing.

However, if someone is purchasing a Part D plan, odds are they probably need some help with their Med Supp, too. And rockstar agents don’t stop at a Med Supp.

Rockstar agents fill out a CNA with their client, and they uncover every need that’s not currently being met.



You can download a copy of the CNA here. We recommend that you take it with you to every appointment, and make sure to scan it into your computer so you have a digital copy to refer back to. If you have a CRM, upload the scanned copy.


And before you know it, your client has a history of cancer in their family and a bunch of CDs making a half of a percent interest.

In plain language, offering to help with a Part D plan is a way to get leads.

Yes, it requires some time and effort from you, but so does counting calories and going to that spin class at 6 in the morning.

And, I know what you might be thinking… I don’t want to mess around with renewals! I’m already swamped when October 15 comes around!

We know. And we have you covered.

We created a Part D Tutorial that’s complete with screenshots and everything. Walk your clients through the process the first time around, and give them this tutorial to reference when renewal time comes around.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your Part D Tutorial here


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