Rebekah Parr

Rebekah Parr
I’m Rebekah Parr, the Content Director here at New Horizons. If there’s something that needs to be written, I’m the go-to gal for the job! My background is in writing and publishing. I graduated as an Honors Scholar from Illinois State University and hold a BS in English and Creative Writing. My previous career was as the Editor for a nonfiction publishing house, where I edited and proofed hundreds of books and wrote 7 nonfiction books. Today, I help insurance agents in the senior market grow their businesses through marketing materials, training guides, how-to articles, and more.
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How to Sell Medigap Plan N: Is Plan N Worth the Risk?

June 3, 2024

Originally published March 6, 2018. Updated May 30, 2024. Plan N is often a hot topic among independent insurance agents. Is it worth the risk, especially when you put it up against a Plan G? Let's…

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May 21, 2024

If you’re warming up to the idea of Facebook advertising but have absolutely no clue where to begin, a good practice is quite honestly to look at what everyone else is doing.

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May 14, 2024

Plan N has been poised to become a top Medicare Supplement choice for years, but presenting it to clients can be difficult.

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March 19, 2024

So, you have a website for your insurance agency – how do you get qualified senior prospects to see it?

2024 Plan F Agent Guide

February 27, 2024

We're 4 years post-MACRA, and we thought it was time for a Plan F check-in.

Annuity Production Case Study: How One Agent Did Over $11M

January 23, 2024

*This agent has chosen to remain anonymous.* When I see an agent doing over $11 million in annuity production in a year, I get curious. How are they doing it? What's the secret? I was nosy for all of…

The Ultimate 2024 Tax Deductions Checklist for Insurance Agents

January 11, 2024

Note: This article has been updated for 2023. Disclaimer: We are not tax professionals. Please consult with your accountant or CPA for tax advice. It’s tax season again, and we’ve put together a full…

2024 Medicare Changes: What Insurance Agents Need to Know

December 21, 2023

Another year means more changes coming to Medicare. In this article, we'll outline all of the major Medicare changes coming in 2024.

How to Create a Compliant Medicare Agency Business Name

August 14, 2023

Are you a senior market agent interested in creating a formal name for your insurance business?

Insurance Fact Finders: An Essential Tool for Senior Market Agents

August 8, 2023

What if there were a roadmap that gave structure to your appointments? And what if that roadmap also helped you cross-sell with minimal effort?