What You Get When You Register With New Horizons
May 2, 2023

When you visit our website, you have the option to register for an account. Registering grants you access to a suite of resources you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Still need to register? You can sign up here.

Here's everything you get when you register with New Horizons.

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Access to Gated Content

When you register for an account, you unlock access to content that's gated for everyone else.

Recorded Webinars

The staff here at New Horizons holds live webinars on a regular basis, helping agents in all stages of their careers.

From sales training to product training to retirement, our live sessions are meant to help you start your business, grow it, and navigate retirement.

While the recorded webinars page is locked for website visitors, access is granted for those who log in to their New Horizons account. The latest webinar recordings are also on your agent login page for easy access.

webinar recordings-min


Our Incentives page is locked unless you're registered on our website. When you log in to your account, you'll be able to view the incentives page to browse the variety of cash bonuses and amazing incentive trips our suite of companies offer.

From Medicare Supplement bonuses to luxury cruises and even credits for direct mail campaigns, there are so many great opportunities to be rewarded for your hard work.

You can find the Incentives page in our main menu, but there's also a handy button on our new and improved agent login page.

incentives button on agent menu page

Training Hubs

As soon as you register and log in, you'll have convenient access to all of our training hubs. You don't need to fill out any forms to get access – just click, and you're in.

Training hubs

Annuity Hub

The Annuity Hub is full of resources to help you learn how to sell annuities confidently.

You have instant access to 4 videos, a quick training e-book, an annuity funding cheat sheet, marketing materials, and so much more.

If you've never seen the Annuity Hub before, this is a goldmine of resources!

Medicare Advantage Hub

Our Medicare Advantage Hub includes a 5-part video series that's on-demand. 

  • Free, on-demand video course
  • No prior Medicare Advantage experience or training required
  • Perfect for Medicare Supplement agents interested in expanding
  • MedicareCENTER tour included

You'll also have easy access to all of our MA resources, including marketing materials, webinar recordings, and a link to our article vault.

Life Insurance Hub

The Life Insurance Hub includes 9 videos that cover everything you need to know to start selling life insurance. The hub also includes tons of life insurance resources:

  • Slideshow presentations
  • Situational flowchart
  • Quick training guide e-book
  • Life insurance mailers and marketing materials

There's something in here for everyone!

Short-Term Care Hub

The Short-Term Care Hub includes a series of 15 videos that help you understand the need for STC and, of course, how to sell it.

You can also find marketing materials and flyers here.

The Integrity Platform

As an Integrity partner, you have free access to MedicareCENTER and LeadCENTER.

MedicareCENTER and LeadCENTER on login page


MedicareCENTER is an incredible platform for agents in the senior market. It includes all of these functions in one place:

  • A simple CRM
  • Medicare Advantage quoting and enrollment (MedicareAPP and/or MedicareLINK)
  • Medicare Supplement quoting and e-applications (CSG APP)
  • HIP, DVH, and Final Expense quoting and e-applications (CSG APP)
  • Integration with LeadCENTER to help you purchase and manage high-quality Medicare leads
  • Key compliance features, like call recording and texting scope of appointments
  • A personal agent website link where consumers can enroll themselves in a plan and you still get the commission

Once you get contracted with us, you'll get access to this platform.


LeadCENTER is an exclusive tool that allows you to purchase high-quality Medicare and life insurance leads. It integrates with MedicareCENTER and helps you not only buy leads but manage them afterward.

You can conveniently access this free tool once you get contracted with us and log in to our website.

Quoting Tools

When you register on our website, you also get access to quoting tools.

You can easily access quoting tools within MedicareCENTER – it's called CSG App.

However, you can still access our quoting tool by clicking on "Legacy Quoter" in the agent login page.

legacy quoter

Compliance Hub

New Horizons is committed to educating our agents about compliance rules and regulations. That's why we developed the new Compliance Hub. 

Compliance hubWe'll be continuously adding new resources to this Hub, but right now, you can find the following:

  • Quick link to the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines 
  • Our Compliant AEP Marketing Kit
  • Our CMS-Approved T65 Prospecting Letter
  • 2024 CMS Final Rule Overview Handout
  • Compliance-Related Webinar Recordings
  • Quick link to our Article Vault of compliance posts
  • An Announcement feed that brings in all compliance-related announcements automatically

You can get access to this valuable resource when you register on our website and log in.


When you register for an account on our website, you get access to the login page, which has all of the quick links to the resources and tools you care about most.

We're so glad you've chosen to work with New Horizons, and we look forward to helping you grow your business!

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