May 4, 2017

While we strive to put useful and educational content into your hands each week, sometimes we all need a break to laugh a little.

Here are 16 of the funniest memes we found that any insurance agent can smirk at.

1. Medicare has great coverage

meme-99problems2. Insurance sales isn't such a bad gig!


3. Anybody got leads?

meme-leads4. Gotta love Dwight!

meme-latte5. Good ole' door knocking...

meme-insurance-cat6. This is why everyone needs an agent!


7. It's just part of the job...


8. Happens every time, right?


9. Do you have a Med Supp promo code?


10. It's the best feeling!


11. Too funny! 

meme-claim12. We've all been there.

meme-sentence13. But seriously, you do need health insurance!

weakness-coupons14. Bad news!

meme-bene15. Clients don't always understand the lingo!


16. Get back to work!


We hope you got a good laugh out of this light-hearted article. If you enjoyed this one, be sure to check out Funny Insurance Lingo Everyone In Senior Market Insurance Can Relate To.

Thank you all for everything you do, and good selling!

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