October 21, 2014
Med Supp Cross Selling

This past week, an agent brought a lady into my office who just had a $95,000 CD come due. She moved it into a money market account until she could figure out what to do with it.

She has 3 daughters (husband is still alive but not healthy at all).

Annuities and life insurance options were discussed, as shown below (based on 100K single premium).

Using our Med Supp Cross-Selling Cheat Sheet, we determined our options.


  1. 5 year fixed annuity at 3%
  2. Life policy with Death Benefit of $219,923
    (standard non tobacco for 72 female)
  3. Life with LTC rider, Death Benefit of $207,107.
    Monthly LTC benefit of $8,284


  • Annuity = $2,900
  • Life = OVER $8,000

Don’t miss the boat during the 4th quarter — Cross-Sell!

Med Supp Cross-Selling Cheat Sheet Download Med Supp Cross-Selling Cheat Sheet

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