My client is moving to a state where I’m not licensed - what do I do?

April 22, 2014

If you have customers who no longer live in your state, but they would still like you to help them with their coverage, maybe we can help!

clients moving out of state

Your options are…

Get a non-resident license in that state and be appointed with the carriers you need to write for your customer.

This works for sure, but most agents don't want the expense and hassle of licensing when they are probably only going to write a case or two.

Refer the client to another agent or broker in that state.

This works as well, but usually your customer would rather still work with you — and how do you get an ongoing commission in this case?

Let the friendly folks at New Horizons come to the rescue!

Since we're licensed in almost every state, it's easy for us to get on the phone with you and your customer in another state, explain their options, and enroll them in the best plan for them. Your customer is satisfied, and you receive compensation from us, so everyone is happy!

So next time one of your customers moves out of state, don't sweat it — give us a call and we will work together so you can continue to serve your customer.

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