June 17, 2014

I coached D-1 college basketball for 16 years. Part of my job was to recruit the best players possible that “fit” our program. I talked to literally hundreds of High School coaches during that time. The most effective approach (I found) was calling on coaches who didn’t have the “Blue Chip” player at the time. The High School coach truly appreciated me calling them when NOBODY else was making contact with them (because they didn’t have ‘something’ everyone wanted). The approach proved to be productive when the coach eventually DID have a “blue chip” player or when the coach would refer us to another recruit or coach.

Basketball coaching and selling insurance

I think we can relate this to sales. Your clients need to hear from you when they don’t necessarily “need you.” The good will of calling on current clients when there isn’t an immediate need or crisis (rate increase for example) goes a long way. It’s a great time to make sure their family is protected before a crisis or need (as opposed to during one).

Call on 10 of your existing clients to review their insurance coverage


  • Lets your client know you are their “insurance” agent
  • Being proactive to help them with any changes that need to be made (vs another agent replacing your business)
  • Introduce coverage(s) that will benefit them (Life/LTC policy for example) 

I challenge you to set 10 appointments with current clients this month to review their life and health coverage. You will strengthen your relationship with your client, help protect them and will most likely produce sales. Also, a great time to ask for referrals. 

Please let us know if we can help in any way.


If you need a copy of the Life Insurance Review form, it's here.

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