June 23, 2014

Contracting stinks. It’s a necessary evil at best, an extreme waste of time at worst. You might prefer kicking the leg of a coffee table with your pinky toe 5 times in a row rather than fill out another 20-page contract. Unfortunately you have to be appointed with a company before you can sell their product, but you don’t have to spend so much time - there’s a better way.

Contracting is a pain

Doing it the Hard Way

You know the drill. A new carrier or product comes to market, with great rates, comp, easy underwriting, or an awesome incentive trip. You want so badly to stick with the companies you’re used to selling - they’re comfortable and you know them well. But after they start taking double-digit rate increases you know it’s time to add a new company.

You contact your FMO for a contract, and it's time for that dreaded ritual of gathering all the appropriate documents: banking info, copies of your licenses, E&O coverage, AML completion, and so on. Then, the fun part - you write your name, SSN, birthdate, and contact info. You add your company info, your name and SSN once more, your license numbers, work history, etc. Then it’s on to the background questions that you’ve answered so many times in the past. A signature here, another one there. A business associate agreement, another signature. Oh, and write your name, title, and date yet again. Then the W-9, and so it goes for 20 or so pages, and you’ve almost given yourself carpal tunnel syndrome.

Time to Start Contracting the Easy Way

New Horizons recently implemented the SureLC online contracting system. SureLC is a system which stores your information and carrier contracting forms. In the future, as you contract with new carriers, this stored information is used to complete contracting paperwork on your behalf, increasing speed and efficiency.

SureLC is completely free to you, and there are two ways to use it:

Option 1

You simply complete a contracting questionnaire once. The information in this questionnaire will be input into SureLC, and next time you need to get contracted, just let us know and we can complete the forms on your behalf, within minutes.

Option 2

If you’d rather take a more hands-on approach, you can login to SureLC and do it yourself. This is still much faster than completing contracts manually. The contracts will be completed for you, and you can view, verify, and submit them yourself.

To get started you have 2 options;

Option 1

Download Our Producer Setup Packet

Download Now

Download this file, complete it once, and future contracting will be painless!

Option 2

Register Now Online

Get Started

Click the link below to register online. Only takes about 8-10 minutes!


Already registered with SureLC?

Click here to Login - Be aware that if you registered with another FMO, your login will not work. You'll need a separate login for New Horizons.


Want to see how it works?

Here's a video explaining SureLC and how to get set up, if you want Option 2 from above. Skip ahead to the 9:00 minute mark to see how quick it is to request an appointment.

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