October 20, 2014

You have current Medicare Supplement clients that fall into 1 of the 5 categories below.

Med Supp Cross Selling

Med Supp Cross-Selling Cheat Sheet Download this sheet as a PDF

1. If your client has CD money available

Move them into Single Premium Life with LTC

  • John Hancock
  • Lincoln Financial MG



  • Liberty Bankers Life
  • KSKJ


Single Premium Life

  • John Hancock
  • Foresters
  • KSKJ
  • Federal Life

2. If your client wants to cover funeral costs

Sell them a Final Expense Plan

  • Foresters
  • KSKJ
  • Gleaner
  • RNA

3. If your client has an existing life insurance policy

Review their…

  • Company
  • Death benefit
  • Cash Surrender Value
  • Premium
  • Expiration

Can We…

  1. Increase their death benefit?
  2. Eliminate their premium?
  3. Lengthen their benefit period?

4. If your client wants a cash-building life policy

Sell them Whole Life or Universal Life

  • Foresters
  • KSKJ
  • John Hancock
  • Others

5. If your client needs life protection for the next few years

Sell them Term Insurance

  • American General
  • Banner Life
  • Cincinnati Life
  • Genworth
  • Prudential
  • Transamerica

Let us help you with the cross selling opportunities and add “bonus” commissions to your current steady Medicare Supplement income. 

Want to see an example case? Here's a case where a client had a $95,000 CD mature.

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