July 16, 2018

We have a brand new A-Rated carrier here at New Horizons! Americo offers Medicare Supplements and Final Expense plans, and they are definitely a company you want to take a look at.

Here’s a short video giving you the highlights and explaining what sets Americo apart.

For the Americo Medicare Supplement, there are fantastic rates on Plans F and G, there’s no policy fee, and the app process is incredibly smooth. They launched a point-of-sale e-app on August 1, 2018 which means you’ll know within 30 seconds whether your client is approved.

There’s also a unique agent incentive program that offers an 8% bonus to your current commission level – that’s paid twice a year. It’d be really great to get that nice bonus check at Christmastime! 

For Americo Final Expense, the product is really nice and the commission is great. It’s often a lot easier to sell a Medicare Supplement with a Final Expense product when the company name is the same. This pairing is definitely one to consider!

The face amounts range from $2,000-$30,000, there are no medical exams, and there’s also a “Quit Smoking Advantage” incentive.

This program encourages clients to quit smoking by giving them nonsmoker rates for the first 3 years of the policy. If the client can provide evidence that they quit smoking for 12 months before that 3rd policy anniversary, their death benefit and premium remain level.

A few other highlights include an instant decision on the case, and the comp is then paid the next day.

There’s a lot to love with Americo, and if you have any questions or want more details on how the Medicare Supplement 8% bonus works, please call in to our office. We’re doing contracting now, so be sure to get that squared away!

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