December 20, 2019

AEP is over! As I talk to agents, a lot of the older guys say that they don't want to go through another AEP.

Now that the dust has settled from a busy fourth quarter, this felt like the perfect time to put out another reminder that we're interested in acquiring books of business.


In the last year or so, we've made a big deal about acquiring other books of business. In the past 12 months, we've acquired three, and we're really looking to be aggressive going into 2020.

If that fits your scenario right now, and you're thinking, "You know what? I need to start that discussion. I need to start talking to some guys about what's the next step for me. I don't have somebody in my family or organization to take this over, and I think I need to start exploring what's out there."

We want to be the first to raise our hand and say give us a call! We are really, really interested, and 2020 just might be your year to start taking the steps to make that happen.

I say "take those steps," because it really is a process. It's rare that somebody wakes up and says, "I'm ready to be done."

It usually takes a little time – sometimes a year or so – before someone's really ready to make that step.

So, if you're looking for what your next step is, I've got two thoughts. One is just give us a call! Our number is 888-780-7676, and ask for me (John Hockaday). We'll start talking about this and see if this makes sense. Or, visit our website and you'll find lots of good information there as well.

Sell Your Book of Business to New Horizons

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