May 2, 2013

I have been in the medicare supplement arena since the early 80's and remember selling a supplement to someone over 65. I had to ask them to double-cover themselves for 6 months because of the waiting period on preexisting conditions.

I remember being higher than Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and they had a death benefit on their Medicare Supplement which was only $500, but people hated to give it up. We have all heard how our parents had to "walk to school 5 miles and they did it all winter long," and that may be what you are thinking about my MedSupp story. But the truth is we were sales people and we sold our product over the competitors' because we promised more than price.

Our service was promised for whatever they might need and with a simple phone call we would be there. Where are we today? We cannot always be the lowest priced, and if that is what you're chasing, you'll never get ahead of the curve. Your clients get tired of changing every year! There is a time for change, but changing every year makes it very difficult for you to grow your business. We look for companies that can stay competitive for (hopefully) 5 years.

Lets start focusing on a cross sale system where you try to get clients who already trust you to look at another product which you feel is important to them. Final Expense, Cancer, Short Term Recovery Care, Long Term Care, Annuities, or Life Insurance are just a few of the products your customers should consider, and you are the perfect person to let them know.

Currently we have great prices with the best name recognition you could ask for, but I still think the best ambassador at the point-of-sale is you! Beat your drum loudly, as customers need you more than they need the carrier!

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