Reliable Part D Carriers for the 2020/2021 AEP

Reliable Part D Carriers for the 2020/2021 AEP
October 12, 2020

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It’s that time of year again, where PDP enrollment goes wild and we all kick it into high gear. We’ve taken a look at the Part D carriers for the 2020-2021 AEP, and there are three that are looking really good.

Here's a quick look at Part D changes for 2021, the most competitive Part D carriers for 2021 across the board, and a reminder to get set up with MedicareCENTER.

Originally published October 8, 2019. Updated October 12, 2020 for the upcoming Medicare enrollment season.

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Part D Changes for 2021

One minor change is the maximum Part D deductible for 2021 is $445, just $10 more than it was last year. Not a big change, but just something to be aware of.

A bigger change is the Part D Senior Savings Model, which caps insulin medication costs to $35 for a 30-day supply throughout the plan year. Several PDP carriers are participating in this program, and you can filter those plans by checking the "insulin savings" box when you run drug comparisons.


Most Competitive Part D Carriers for 2021

As always, everything is based on your location, but when we run comparisons in a variety of areas, we definitely see some trends. The three carriers that really stand out to us for 2021 include:

  1. SilverScript
  2. WellCare
  3. Mutual of Omaha


I think the big plan for 2021 is going to be SilverScript's SmartRx at just $7.30 per month in our area.

We spot checked other areas across the country, and in metro locations like Los Angeles, it's even less at just $7.20 per month. That's the least expensive premium I've seen in a really long time.

For clients who only take a few medications, this could be a great money-saving plan for them. Just be sure you coach up your client on the pharmacy of choice. 

If you go to CVS, the preferred retail pharmacy, preferred generics like lisinopril have a $0 copay. But if you go to a standard retail pharmacy like Walmart, you'll pay a $19 copay. And an out-of-network pharmacy like Walgreens is $31.28 for the same drug.

So networks are really important here. Make sure your client is crystal clear on which pharmacy they need to go to.

SilverScript does not appear to be participating in the Senior Savings Model, so clients who take insulin may benefit from looking at other options.

Get contracted with SilverScript


The WellCare plans for 2021 are very good. The three plans that stand out to me are:

  1. Wellness Rx ($14.70 in our area)
  2. Value Script ($16.70 in our area)
  3. Medicare Rx Select ($20 in our area)

All three of these are going to be great plans for 2021 – it's just a matter of what drugs your client takes and which plan fits their needs the best.

The preferred pharmacy depends on which plan you select, but odds are, there's a plan that's a good fit for your client's pharmacy of choice.

Also, select WellCare plans are participating in the Senior Savings Model, making it a great option for your clients who need insulin.

Get contracted with WellCare

Mutual of Omaha

I'd say Mutual of Omaha is good choice for your clients that tend to go to small, private pharmacies. And we have a lot of clients like that who don't want to go to the chain pharmacies – they prefer that small, hometown service. 

The Rx Premier plan is going to be a good one. Also, select Mutual of Omaha plans are participating in the Senior Savings Model, making it a great option for your clients who need insulin.

One quick note is any of your clients on the 2020 Mutual of Omaha Rx Value plan (about $23) are going to be automatically enrolled in the 2021 Mutual of Omaha Rx Plus plan (about $74). It's about a $50 premium increase depending on where you live.

Make sure you help those clients re-enroll in the Rx Premier plan, which is $23 in our area.

Get contracted with Mutual of Omaha

Make Sure You're Ready to Go With MedicareCENTER

If you haven't registered for MedicareCENTER yet, do that now!

Learn More About MedicareCENTER

You can quote and enroll your clients right there in MedicareCENTER. The basics steps include:

  • Signing in
  • Adding your client (or searching for them if they're already in the system)
  • Sending & completing the SOA
  • Add prescriptions OR use the Medicare Blue Button to connect your client's account and import their med list (very easy, just requires your client to grant access via email)

importing-drug-list-from-medicare-govAfter the beneficiary shares prescriptions claims data successfully, agents will receive an email (if there is an email on file for the account). Agents can log in and view the beneficiary’s Prescription page and see all prescriptions added to their medicine cabinet.

  • Enter in the pharmacy of choice
  • View available plans (the default sorting option is Total Estimated Costs)
  • Add the plan of choice to your cart to enroll OR add to quote (you can quote up to three plans)


  • Send the application to the client so they can complete it and enroll!

MedicareCENTER will only show you the carriers you're appointed with, so make sure you get appointed if you haven't already with the most competitive carriers in your county.

If you haven't gotten certified in the past because of the complicated process, this might be the answer you've been looking for. Michael Sams has always chosen to give up the PDP commission, but this year, thanks to MedicareCENTER, he can actually get compensated for his expertise and time without losing his mind.

The ability to compliantly text your clients (including the scope of appointment) is the cherry on top.

text-clients-compliantly-soa-medicareSample Text Beneficiary Receives to Complete SOA Form


If you plan on getting certified, SilverScript, WellCare, and Mutual of Omaha are going to be excellent choices for many of your clients. Humana is another honorable mention as it's a great plan for people who want to go to Walmart.

Get contracted with Humana

And make sure you get contracted, and register for a MedicareCENTER account if you haven't already. That's going to be a gamechanger!

New to Part D sales? Check out our comprehensive sales guide, How to Sell Medicare Part D.

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