January 28, 2014

After working with the Oxford Life Medicare Supplement for almost 90 days now, I feel like we can give an honest appraisal on how business is going—a review of sorts—so here goes.

Oxford Life Med Supp Review


Without a doubt this is the simplest, easiest app that we have with any carrier. In addition, agents have the option to do the PHI at point-of-sale. Many agents really like knowing right on the spot if their applicant is approved.


When we first started working with Oxford, we thought that this company would consider some of our cases that were a little more difficult to place - especially controlled diabetics with controlled heart conditions. This has been true in a lot of cases—not to give the impression that they “take everything,” because they don’t—but they do look at those cases, and if at all possible find a way to approve them.


A feature that is so attractive to me is the ability to talk with an underwriter or customer service rep when we have a pre-qualifying question or need help on requirements. Oxford has been excellent - Amber is our UW contact and has always been available to help us when we need it.

Additional Products

Oxford offers annuities and life products in addition to their Med Supp. Their MYGA is very attractive right now—guaranteed 3% for five years.


Oxford’s 2015 Agent Conference is one of the more producer friendly, “easy-to-qualify” trips that I've ever seen. A lot of our agents will be in the Bahamas in April 2015.

So to sum it up, Oxford is delivering:

  • Superior service
  • Great rates
  • Simple, friendly underwriting
  • Additional products
  • A fantastic trip!

We really like this company and know you will too. If you haven't contracted yet, contact us today and we will get you started!

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