August 14, 2015

We have a great alternative to offer your clients wanting a fixed annuity.

Our agent has a client (78 female) looking to "invest" $50,000. She hasn't used the money for quite some time but also stated she might someday.

Initially our agent considered a 5 year fixed annuity that earns 3% interest. We introduced an alternative that he (and most likely you) was not aware existed: High Cash Value Single Premium Life (HCV-SP).

See the comparisons below.

*No exam on this case!

$50,000 Outlay


5 Year SPDA

HCV-SP Life Insurance

Year Tax-Free Proceeds on Death Tax-Free Proceeds on Death
1 51,500 70,599
2 53,045 71,659
3 54,636 72,734
4 56,276 73,825
5 57,964 74,932
  Commission Commission
  Approx. $1,450 Approx. $4,000

Running this simple comparison, our agent was truly able to make this a win-win situation. The client was presented both options and decided on the Life product.

Think about which clients you have that might be in a position to take advantage of this product, and I'll personally walk you through the sale!

Contact me for details.

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