November 12, 2018

The celebration or recognition of Veterans Day is something that we all take very seriously.

I am the proud father of three great kids, and I have nine grandkids. Technically, one is still in the oven, but I already count him/her as mine! I tell you that to say I simply cannot imagine losing one of my kids or a grandchild to some war in a foreign land.

The sacrifices made by so many that served our nation is humbling to say the least. I cannot imagine the families that deal with their husband or wife being gone for months on end. The children that lay in bed and wonder about their mother or father who is off serving this country is just overwhelming to me.  

I love our country. I realize living in the USA is easy to take for granted. I have visited Europe, Mexico, Australia, and Canada; I have vacationed to many other countries, and I have learned several things, but the one thing that stands out more than anything is our freedom to be anything you want to be.

We can strive and dream as big as you can imagine, and we have a true chance to live our dreams. Our nation has several superstars that have come from nothing, but all you need is a great dream and a passion to never give up. 

My point is simply this: the men and women that have fought for our freedoms and the belief in democracy have given you and I a life we should appreciate every single day.

My gratitude goes out to all the men, women, and families that have participated in military service. You are special, and I pray for you the very best!

God Bless America!

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