January 9, 2018

💬 Tell us in the comments: how do you establish trust with new clients?

This may sound a little bit strange from a sales perspective, but I don’t mind when I have a client that already has the best plan.

You might be thinking, “What the heck?! You’re in the business of selling insurance.”

But if there’s a need that they’ve already met, it gives me the opportunity to say, “You’ve already taken care of this.”

For example, let’s say you’re looking at long-term care. Your client bought an LTC policy years and years ago, and a plan today would be a lot more expensive.

You get to say, “Kudos, you’ve got a great plan, and I don’t recommend you change anything.”

Or let’s say they already have a Medicare Supplement, and it’s the best rate out there, or it’s within a few dollars of the best rate out there.

When you say, “This is already taken care of,” there’s almost this sigh of relief from the client.

The client is thinking, “He’s not just trying to sell me everything in his kit.”

Building trust in our industry is tough. A few weeks ago, our team put out an article about why insurance agents have a bad reputation, and I think that’s important to think about here.

When you’re meeting with a prospect for the first time, your job is to break the ice and develop some sort of relationship. And that can be even more difficult than closing a sale.

While testimonials, a website, and a well-groomed appearance can help you, sometimes, it’s not enough.

That’s why I love it when my clients already have one of their needs covered.

I have the opportunity to show, then and there, that I am an honest, trustworthy agent with their best interest in mind.

Another way you can develop trust is by showing the insurance you have for yourself. Our team wrote about this a while back with the 7 secret words you can use to close any insurance sale.

And sometimes, it really is as simple as “This is the policy I bought for myself.”

It’s the same concept as commending a client for a plan they already have. You’re showing that you’re a genuine businessman, and in a world where it’s hard to determine who’s honest and who isn’t, this is a simple way to separate yourself.

And yes, I think that’s something to be happy about.

So, I’d like to challenge you as we begin this new year.

Instead of putting down a prospect’s agent or the policy they already have, make it an opportunity.

An opportunity to not only cultivate a relationship built on trust and honesty, but an opportunity to bring back the reputation of insurance agents across the nation.

💬 Let me know in the comment section – what do you do in order to show your clients that you’re trustworthy?

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